In the wake of his scintillating 2-for-22 shooting exhibition on the White House basketball court — complete with an air ball, a steady barrage of bricks, and a layup that didn’t so much as draw iron — President Obama is now reportedly trying to enlist the National Basketball Association to help peddle Obamacare. What possible connection is there between the NBA and a government takeover of American medicine? Your guess is as good as the next person’s.

If the NBA goes through with this, then perhaps its next act will be to remove Jerry West from its logo and replace him with Obama — a former “pine-rider”on his Hawaiian high school team.

Politico writes:

“Could LeBron James be the next spokesman for Obamacare?

“The Obama administration has reached out to the NBA about a potential marketing partnership to promote the health law….

“The news, revealed recently by Massachusetts officials who have been in contact with the administration, offers a glimpse at how President Barack Obama’s team plans to push the new coverage options to a public that largely has been clueless about the new health insurance options.

“The NBA declined to comment. A spokesman said, ‘We have nothing to announce at this time.’

“It’s unclear whether a potential partnership would put big-name ballplayers — like James, the Miami Heat superstar — at the center of ad campaigns or whether it would be as modest as permitting the administration to affix the NBA logo onto marketing materials. An agreement itself isn’t even a slam dunk; Obamacare is partisan and controversial, and the NBA could decide it doesn’t want to go near it.”

Indeed, on the heels of a classic Game 6 of the NBA Finals, in which the Heat beat the San Antonio Spurs in overtime, is this really the sort of publicity the NBA wants on the day of Game 7?

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