Bill Kristol, on Fox News Sunday, made his prediction of whether Sarah Palin will run for president in 2012:

KRISTOL: Can I go out on a limb, since everyone else is scared to say -- actually make any predictions. I predict Palin will not run. I have no knowledge at all; I just have the hunch that she ultimately will not run.

I think Newt Gingrich is underestimated. Newt is going to run and Newt will be formidable. People can talk about the baggage, but lots of candidates have had lots of baggage, and people think they're the right guy for the job, he could do better -- and I do think -- than people expect.

I think, if Mike Pence runs, he could be formidable as a, kind of, conservative movement candidate, the congressman from Indiana. I guess he's trying to decide whether to run for president or governor of Indiana, which will be open after Daniels finishes.

And I do think someone could get in late, you know, in September. I think it will be a late-breaking race, and that's where the Christie or Paul Ryan, who will be the most important Republican in Washington for the next six months.

WALLACE: Who is the new incoming chairman of the Budget Committee.

KRISTOL: He will develop the Republican budget, the House Republican budget, which will be the contrast to President Obama's budget. It will articulate, in a sense, how Republicans would go about governing the country. So I think someone like Ryan or Christie getting in late could be -- could be interesting.

Here's the whole segment:

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