Mark your calendars: Wisconsin's state election board officially announced today that the recall election between Governor Scott Walker and the winner of the Democratic primary will take place on June 5. Polls show the recall race will be tight in battleground Wisconsin. And, as Stephen F. Hayes wrote in a recent editorial, and the stakes for unions and conservative reformers could not be higher.

The Democratic gubernatorial primary--and any state senate recall elections in which there are no primary challengers--will take place on May 8. Dane county executive Kathleen Falk has the backing of Wisconsin's unions, but Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett--the man who lost to Walker in 2010--has said he'll announce in the next few days if he'll throw his hat in the ring. Barrett has been reluctant to tell voters if he plans on jumping in the gubernatorial race because the mayoral election is being held this coming Tuesday, April 3. Although the unions oppose Barrett because he used Walker's reforms to save Milwaukee millions of dollars, polls show Barrett edging Falk in a potential primary match-up.

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