Public Policy Polling has a new survey out showing that, if given the choice, Wisconsin Republicans would choose to nominate their favorite son, Paul Ryan, in a presidential primary:

It is appearing less and less likely that Rep. Paul Ryan, now wielding his long-coveted House Budget Committee gavel, will make a bid for the White House next year, but if he does, he could be assured at least his home-state Republicans would be solidly behind him. In his absence, Mike Huckabee takes the top spot from Sarah Palin, who led in the previous test of the primary race in early December.

Ryan has 30% of the vote, way ahead of Huckabee’s 17%, Newt Gingrich’s 12%, Mitt Romney’s and Palin’s 9%, Ron Paul’s 5%, Tim Pawlenty’s 4%, and Mitch Daniels’ 3%.

A greater share of potential voters than all but Ryan’s and Huckabee’s supporters, 13%, are undecided or favor someone unnamed.

No word yet on whether Wisconsin Republicans would prefer the Ryan-Rubio or Ryan-Walker ticket.

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