Should we bomb Iran to keep it from getting nuclear weapons? A new study by Eytan Gilboa shows that there has been a pronounced shift in public opinion toward an affirmative answer. It reports that “poll results indicate much more public determination to stop Iran than has been evidenced in official American policy and action.”

The data thus reveal a gap between the wisdom of the American people and the wisdom of our elites. Will the elections close the gap? Even if the House and—miraculously—the Senate change hands, there is little reason for optimism. Public opinion may be toughening, but Iranian nuclear weapons have not exactly been on the forefront of public debate in this campaign season.

Indeed, it is unclear what the new crowd of candidates that will likely be elected next week thinks we should do about Iran or much else across the oceans. But at the very least their views probably will not be any worse than those of the goofballs they replace.

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