The Independent Women's Forum "applauds Mitt Romney's vice president pick," according to a statement from the group.

"Gov. Mitt Romney has selected a running mate who stands for limited government and economic growth. Rep. Paul Ryan's focus on fiscal discipline and comprehensive entitlement reform is pivotal at a time when out national debt has ballooned to nearly $16 trillion and unemployment remains at 8.3 percent," Independent Women's Forum executive director Sabrina Schaeffer says in a statement. "Ryan, who will change the trajectory of the election, signals to many voters that Romney is committed to real economic reform to help ignite our economic engine and put Americans back to work."

Carrie Lukas, also of the Independent Women's Forum, adds:

"Vice-President picks are often political -- a sop to a certain demographic group or state. Romney's pick of Ryan is something very different.

"Yes, Wisconsin is an important state and Ryan is Catholic. Yet the real impact of this pick is that Ryan has been the out-spoken advocate of comprehensive reforms to our entitlement programs and to restoring government to its historic size and scope. In picking Ryan, Romney has emphatically embraced the limited government mantle as his own.

"I'm a Ryan fan, but I'd hope that Americans of all political stripes will appreciate at least this about this pick. This election shouldn't--and indeed cannot given the crisis facing our country--be about trivial political swipes and slights. This election should be about the course of our country. It now will be."

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