North Korea, the most renegade and unpredictable of the world's nations, recently tested a nuclear bomb, which predictably raised tensions that are high under ordinary conditions and that, according to the North Korean regime, is the fault of the U.S. As Reuters reports:

North Korea accused the United States on Wednesday of contributing to an "unpredictable" situation on the divided Korean peninsula and abusing its power in the U.N. Security Council to impose its "hostile policy" against Pyongyang.

There is, however, reason to be hopeful that tensions may be eased. According to the AP, Dennis Rodman is in North Korea

... running a basketball camp for children and playing with North Korea's top basketball stars.

Rodman is ... well, eccentric and, one would think, perhaps a little extreme for the austere North Koreans. On the court, he was extremely agile; so much that he was known as "the Worm." Off court he was known for many things to include his body hardware, his tattoos, and for once coaching a topless women's basketball team. Still, North Korean leader:

... Kim Jong Un is said to have been a fan of the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s, when Rodman won three championships with the club.

So who knows, it could be a good fit. And, after all, one of the first openings to what was once called "Red China" was midwifed by ping-pong.

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