David Axelrod, a top level campaign adviser to President Barack Obama, seemed to suggest on CNN this morning that so-called "scandals" under Obama aren't really scandals. (Particularly, the question was about the GSA and Secret Services issues.) Axelrod, a Democrat, did however suggest that if these things were happening under a Republican president, it then might be a campaign issue:

Here's the transcript:

CNN’s Candy Crowley: “To the extent that this is—that these are scandals as we see them in Washington, do you think, and I want to play quickly for you, this is Jeff Sessions, a Republican, and what he had to say. He was talking specifically about GSA and the Secret Service.”

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL): “I don't sense that this president is showing that kind of managerial leadership.”

Crowley: “So if you take this, is it fair to say, listen, the president is a guy in charge?”

David Axelrod: “People will judge him based on his record. I think in your own poll he had a big edge in strong and decisive and all those leadership qualities. Part of it is we've been through some big things. We ended a war, we dealt with an oil leak of epic proportions, we've brought Bin Laden to—we've been involved in a lot of things that required very strong management, very strong leadership, very strong coordination and oversight, and I think people will judge him on the totality, not these transient stories.”

Crowley: “If this were happening in a Republican administration, would you be one of the first guys out there going hey, this guy is in charge?”

Axelrod: “Maybe, although I must say that the stories that stick are the ones that are really emblematic and reflective of an administration. These are not—look, in any organization, I would venture to say, that every once in a while someone does something wrong at CNN.”

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