It's understandable if you who haven't jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, but please know that it's good for one thing. The conversational, off-the-cuff nature of medium is very good at exposing the limits of one's knowledge. Case in point: Here's Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas reacting to Rick Santorum's speech tonight. Apparently some truths aren't as self-evident as they once were:

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Kos has no conception of natural rights, wants to pretend the Declaration of Independence doesn't exist, and is essentially rejecting many of the legal arguments against slavery. But you're to believe that, because the Consitution doesn't specifically mention God, that the state and the state alone bestows rights upon us.

Still, the fact that one of the left's most important grassroots voices thinks this is the case certainly does explain a lot.

UPDATE: Over at Hot Air, Karl takes Kos back to civics class and it's definitely worth reading.

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