The panjandrums at the Democratic National Committee are upset—as they so often are, at the American people, at the economy, at the world, at reality. But now they’re unhappy with...THE WEEKLY STANDARD! Can you believe it? All because our colleague, Daniel Halper, reported (accurately) yesterday that someone had purchased the URL, and that if you typed in that URL you were redirected to the Obama 2012 campaign site. Halper speculated that the purchasers might have been Obama supporters or might have been Obama's reelection campaign.

The DNC now says that neither it nor the Obama campaign bought But in a gutsy call of its own, the DNC has purchased a new URL——and is redirecting visitors there to our homepage.

We’d like to thank the DNC for the additional web traffic, and to reciprocate. So the higher-ups here have authorized Halper to shell out $8.93 for yet another URL Visitors there will be redirected to the DNC homepage. Consider it our little contribution to the slow economic recovery.

But enough with the fun and games. Now we have to get back to ending Medicare as we know it.

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