Lots of interesting e-mails on the boss’s “Yikes.” This one, from a Republican who has held high elective office, is worth noting:

Your piece on the field was great. Is anyone listening??? Daniels should be. He actually could pivot the easiest. All he needs to do is have a press conference with his family and say that they held him back but now feel for the sake of the country he should run. People would accept it since everyone believes they held him back and that he wanted to go.

“Really hard to believe that none of the candidates is offering a serious Ryan/Daniels et al approach to the situation. Romney's economic plan was laughed at and the others don't seem to have one.

“The Party leadership is acting like a combination of Knuckleheads, Nuts, Robots and Cowards. It is as if in 1980 Reagan, Bush and Baker hadn't run and the field had been Connally, Phil Crane, John Anderson, Bob Dole and Stassen.

“Perry's people apparently are enamored with polls and have no clue that his numbers were artificially inflated.

“Palin will probably read your column and say ‘Hmmmmmmmm.’”

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