The last eloquent appeal for Paul Ryan to run for president before the New Hampshire filing deadline today comes from a reader in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Then again, Ryan could skip New Hampshire, let Mitt Romney win after Herman Cain wins Iowa, and then get in…)

Representative Ryan –

I continue to be impressed your willingness to be honest about the challenges facing our nation, and your ability to develop and then clearly articulate conservative solutions to those challenges. Your speech [earlier this week] at the Heritage Foundation was the latest example. I closely followed your deliberations this summer concerning a run for president in 2012, and attempted to contact you and others of potential influence several times to encourage you to run. When I learned in late August that you still had not changed your mind about running I was disheartened. I understand you are hoping to use your current position in Congress to attempt to influence the issues facing our country, but that stage is just not big enough for you and your talents.

This is a pivotal election for the future of our country. We are at a cross-roads. The Republican nominee needs to provide a clear and bold alternative to the class-warfare, divide-and-conquer tactics and the wealth distribution vs. wealth creation, pseudo socialism vision that president Obama is embracing. I am dispirited by the current pool of Republican candidates for president. They seem to either not be committed to presenting a clear alternative, or unable to articulate one effectively. I fully agree with your own statement from this summer, especially after watching the current pool of candidates the past few months: “The way I see 2012 – we owe it to the country to let them choose the path they want our country to take. And I just have yet to see a strong and principled articulation of the kind of limited government, opportunity society path that we would provide as an alternative to the Obama cradle-to-grave welfare state.”

You are exactly what the GOP needs right now, not 4 or 8 years from now. You understand the critical issues facing this country. You face them head-on. You identify free-market solutions that can address them. Your positions are backed up with data. You see the big picture yet you also understand the details. You understand the sausage-making process that goes on in Washington, and understand how things can actually get done there. And equally important, in today’s era, you are able to clearly, succinctly and effectively communicate your positions to the masses. You speak with passion, but also in measured tones, the combination of which enables you to influence and even change public opinion.

If the Republican party nominates someone that doesn’t fully grasp the totality of the challenges we are facing, or doesn’t have the ability to communicate the conservative solutions to them effectively, it could actually set the conservative movement back – perhaps permanently – given the cross-roads we are not at as a nation. I’m just not confident that anyone in the current field of candidates is going to bring to the table the total package that will be needed in 2012.

I understand one of the concerns you may have about running for president in 2012 is the potential impact on your family. I empathize with those concerns, as I myself am the father of 3 young children. Yet it is largely because of them that I feel compelled to contact you, and it is because of them that I would be willing to spend as much time as I could helping you out, in whatever ways I could, if you did decide to run for president. I know you care deeply about the future of this country. Please consider how you can truly best make a difference. I believe it is as the Republican presidential nominee. There is still time. There is no clear front-runner in the current pool of candidates. Many folks remain undecided or uncommitted. People are yearning for someone else. I, and many others, believe that someone is you.


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