Eliot Spitzer has dug himself out of a political grave and, while his fingernails are still bleeding, is out on the stump hustling for signatures and votes. This is what happens when nobody remembers that a wooden stake must be driven through the heart before earth is shoveled over the body.

Spitzer's resurrection launched, predictably, dozens of double entendre headlines and fewer, but equally predictable, chin-pulling articles that wrestled with the question: "Why?"

As in, what makes guys like Weiner and Spitzer do it?

So NPR went out and asked some experts and did not return with empty hands.

"Guys like Sanford and Weiner and now Spitzer just cannot keep away from the public eye," says Dennis Johnson, a professor of political management at George Washington University and proprietor of the website congressionalbadboys.com . "I would call that a pathology."

With that one cleared up, the question that remains is: Do we believe that this, truly, the best the city of New York can do?

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