As everyone knows, the youth vote skewed heavily for President Obama. The question now is – will voting this way become a lifetime habit for these people. Or can they be turned back to the light of reason as they begin looking for the jobs they need to pay off their student loans.

Well, as Charlie Cook reports in the National Journal, the news is not necessarily all bad:

... a new national survey of millennial voters conducted by Harvard’s Institute of Politics suggests this emerging generation might not be as locked into the Democratic camp as conventional wisdom suggests, and that young voters exhibit some of the same stark partisan divides as older Americans.

On specific issues, young voters don't consider the president's performance all that shiny:

For his handling of both gun violence and the economy, Obama won only 42 percent approval, with 56 percent disapproval. Just 36 percent approved, and 62 percent disapproved, of his handling of the federal budget deficit; on health care, 45 percent approved and 53 percent disapproved. The president’s policy toward Iran yielded a closer but still negative verdict, with 47 percent approving and 51 percent disapproving. The 52 percent overall approval rate suggests that the Obama brand is moderately popular, but when it comes down to specific performance, assessments—even among this group considered a part of his base—are tepid.

And, then:

More important, the poll shows that young voters’ trust in their leaders and political institutions is low and dropping.

As was ever thus.

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