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A movie where ‘I Am Woman’ is sung without irony.

Jun 7, 2010, Vol. 15, No. 36 • By JOHN PODHORETZ
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And then there are the quips. Charlotte’s four-year-old daughter asks whether Carrie is going to be a princess in the desert like Jasmine from the Disney movie Aladdin. “Yes, sweetie, just like Jasmine, only with cocktails!” Carrie says, in a piece of har-har-har! live-live-live! Auntie Mame-style dialogue that you could imagine Totie Fields telling Ed McMahon at 3:30 in the morning during one of Jerry Lewis’s Percodan breaks. After Carrie and her husband spend a night in a hotel watching It Happened One Night, he buys a flat-screen TV for their bedroom so they can continue to enjoy old black-and-white movies together.

 “The key word is old,” she complains and says that sure, she enjoyed it, but only because “it only happened one night!”

As for the foursome’s trip to the Middle East, suffice it to say all of them save Miranda do ridiculous, embarrassing, and idiotic things that imperil their safety and their lives, and squeal like nine-year-olds at a sleepover whenever they see anything expensive. When the first Sex and the City movie opened in 2008, I was astonished to discover just how powerfully its melancholy portrait of how the quartet had actually failed to find the happily-ever-after promised them in the final television episode resonated with so many women.

I suppose it’s possible that the childish, petulant, and dumb behavior they exhibit in this astoundingly vapid sequel will resonate as well, and that karaoke machines across the land will resound anew with the strains of “I Am Woman.” Only in this case, the appropriate lyric would be “I am hathos. Hear me bore.”

John Podhoretz, editor of Commentary, is The Weekly Standard’s movie critic.

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