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Britain’s Exploding Exports

Where suicide bombers go for higher education.

Dec 27, 2010, Vol. 16, No. 15 • By ROBIN SIMCOX
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Of course, the reluctance, or inability, to describe things as they truly are is the price paid for political correctness. No one would hesitate to condemn a campus culture in which students were inspired by neo-Nazis to carry out terrorist acts in the name of white supremacy. And yet the liberals and leftists who typically fill faculty and administrative positions would never dream of holding the Muslim community to the same standards. Instead, they are much more likely to invent a convenient narrative, one in which, for example, Muslim threats of violence and terrorism are really just responses—and quite understandable ones at that—to Western war-mongering. In this view, suicide bombing is a legitimate defense of Muslim lands against the neo-imperialism of the West. The Islamists loudly denouncing British, as well as American, foreign policy, insulting our soldiers, and glorifying terrorism are just exercising their rights to freedom of speech. And by hosting clerics like Murtaza Khan, universities are admirably defending these rights—even as Khan advocates stoning women for adultery, preaches that Jews and Christians are the “enemies” of Muslims, and claims that it was the West, rather than al Qaeda, that slaughtered nearly 3,000 people on 9/11.

In the end, it is the moral bankruptcy of our academic intelligentsia that has allowed and now empowered radical clerics like Khan to operate on British campuses. At some point in the near future, another young Muslim educated in the U.K. will take what this cleric and many others say to heart. This student will try to murder as many people as possible because he thinks his religion demands it and the West deserves it. And university authorities will once again look the other way. Perhaps at some point British society will put its foot down, and complain that it’s sick of our tax money funding factories that turn young Muslims into terrorists. But in the meantime, we Brits can no longer feign surprise that our universities are churning out al Qaeda’s foot soldiers.

Robin Simcox is a research fellow at the Centre for Social Cohesion in London.

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