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CLASS Dismissed

Oct 31, 2011, Vol. 17, No. 07 • By JAMES C. CAPRETTA
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This won’t be the last humiliating admission for the administration thanks to Obamacare. Beyond the CLASS Act surplus, the CBO cost estimate also assumes: Medicare cuts that would force thousands of hospitals to stop admitting senior citizens; cuts to Medicare Advantage that would force millions of enrollees to drop out of the coverage they have and like today; and a decision made by thousands of employers to continue offering coverage to millions of low-wage workers who would be eligible for large subsidies if they were dumped into the Obamacare system. None of these assumptions is plausible, and yet the administration is relying on all of them, just as it relied on CLASS, to back up its contention that Obamacare will cut the deficit.

Sooner or later, these other assumptions will be exposed as flawed too. Most voters won’t be surprised when that happens, though. It will only confirm what they already knew.

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