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Philip Terzian, the non-moviegoer

Oct 15, 2012, Vol. 18, No. 05 • By PHILIP TERZIAN
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Which may explain the obverse side of this particular character flaw. While studiously avoiding certain films I should probably see, I watch a handful of movies over and over with undiminished pleasure. No doubt the list tells more about me than about their qualities as film—The Browning Version, Harvey, Our Man in Havana, Mr. and Mrs. Smith (the 1941 screwball comedy with Robert Montgomery and Carole Lombard, not the 2005 Brangelina vehicle), The Big Sleep, The Third Man, any Busby Berkeley musical or Terry-Thomas comedy—and the discerning reader will detect a certain pattern of taste. But so what? Give me Destry Rides Again before Dances with Wolves anytime. 

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