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A funny, but not so revealing, showbiz memoir.

Jun 27, 2011, Vol. 16, No. 39 • By ZACK MUNSON
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She harps a bit too much on the importance of women in comedy. She feels the need to defend herself against the public assertions made by the unlikely duo of Jerry Lewis and Christopher Hitchens that women aren’t funny. She spends too many pages writing snarky replies to people who have anonymously bashed her on various blogs and websites. I suppose these rebuttals are just more attempts to be funny, but they’re one of the few places in Bossypants that aren’t, and they come off as bitter and petty, if just minor blemishes on a highly enjoyable book.

Does Bossypants offer great insight into the creative process behind writing great comedy? No. Does it present a riveting portrait of the ins and outs of network television? Not really. Is it deep? Happily, it is not. It’s just funny, which is actually a pretty big accomplishment.

Zachary Munson is a writer in Washington.

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