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Feb 13, 2012, Vol. 17, No. 21 • By THE SCRAPBOOK
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But the most remarkable development was that 26 Democratic senators produced and signed a public letter scolding a private charity for withdrawing a minor grant it had bestowed on another private entity. This too was a lesson in the cult-like devotion of the left establishment to abortion providers.

The Washington Post’s left-leaning blogger Greg Sargent broke the story, almost gleefully noting that the pressure on Komen “is about to get significantly more intense.” One of Sargent’s Twitter followers responded to his story by telling him, “Senators are now censuring private organizations? This is crazy.” Sargent dismissed the concern by retorting, “Not quite sure I see the ‘censorship’ at play here.” Q.E.D.

The pressure did prove to be intense. By Friday, Susan G. Komen announced it was reconsidering and that Planned Parenthood could possibly be eligible to receive grants in the future. What Komen’s relationship will be with Planned Parenthood going forward is as clear as mud, and the charity has managed to infuriate everyone on both sides of the abortion debate. Suffice to say, we hope there’s a charity Komen can benefit from that helps those with afflictions of the spine. 

Whatever else it proves, the Komen fracas is at least clarifying. The media panic over Planned Parenthood’s loss of the equivalent of pocket change was in startling contrast to its ho-hum coverage of the Obama administration’s recent directive to force religious institutions to violate their free-exercise rights and pay for birth control. (The New York Times actually dismissed this concern with an editorial last week that put the words “religious liberty” in scare quotes.)

Liberals all too frequently portrayed those who would protect the unborn as deranged religious zealots. We now know this is what psychiatrists would call a case of projection: Liberal America bows at the altar of the Church of Planned Parenthood. It is on the prowl for heretics. And when it finds them, there is an inquisition.

Great Moments in Political Fundraising

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York noted that the Obama campaign, a supposedly indomitable organizational and fundraising juggernaut, sent out the following plea for donations last week: 

“Mitt Romney said just hours after winning the Florida GOP win [sic] primary this week that: ‘We must not forget what this election is really about: defeating Barack Obama,’ ” wrote Obama campaign finance director Rufus Gifford. “Mitt’s words weren’t an accident. They’re what he really believes.”

Naturally, it’s quite difficult to contain one’s astonishment upon being informed of Mitt Romney’s ulterior motives. Briefly powerless to resist Gifford’s compelling pitch, we rushed over to the Obama campaign website to donate “$25 or more” as requested. Alas, there was no option to earmark The Scrapbook’s donation for a copy editor to catch typos in emails before blasting them to a few million people, and the temptation soon passed.

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