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Folksinger’s Blues

The Coens find their voice in early 1960s Greenwich Village.

Dec 30, 2013, Vol. 19, No. 16 • By JOHN PODHORETZ
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Something wonderful has happened to the Coens as they’ve reached middle age. They’ve calmed down. The weakness of their earlier movies was how frenetic and labored they could become, even given their unparalleled intelligence, gorgeous visuals, and splendid dialogue. The brothers’ more recent work has become far more controlled and focused, as their interests have grown larger. They are no longer the foremost smarty-pantses in American cinema. They have, instead, become the wise men. And the masterful Inside Llewyn Davis is, above all, a very wise piece of work. 

 John Podhoretz, editor of Commentary, is The Weekly Standard’s movie critic.

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