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He’s Always Right

The monopartisan president.

Jun 16, 2014, Vol. 19, No. 38 • By FRED BARNES
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Obama also wants more money for basic medical research. Bashing Republicans and refusing to negotiate with them won’t help. Seeking a compromise might. On energy, the president isn’t likely to get more money for solar and wind power unless he offers to open federal land to oil and gas exploration, which many Republicans support. Again, that would require coming to terms with Republicans.

Obama’s attitude is he’s right, Republicans are wrong, and that’s it. “We’re on the right side on every single issue and the majority of the American people agree with us on every single issue,” he said in Chicago. Is it possible he really believes this? I’m afraid so.

There’s also a crass political reason for Obama’s inflexibility. The main Democratic talking point in this year’s midterm elections is that Republicans are solely responsible for polarization and “dysfunction” in Washington. And in his Chicago talk, Obama hewed tightly to the party line, as he has in other speeches.

He does so at his own expense.

Fred Barnes is an executive editor at The Weekly Standard.

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