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How to Ride the Wave

Republicans should ignore the petty attacks and focus on issues.

Nov 1, 2010, Vol. 16, No. 07 • By SPENCER ABRAHAM
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We also stumped for an agenda of change in Washington, with House candidates endorsing the Contract With America and those of us seeking Senate seats embracing a less formal but very similar set of priorities. The result was, of course, the first Republican Congress in 40 years and a Senate majority too. At the state level we had similar results electing an impressive group of new governors including one in Texas named Bush.

That’s the prescription for victory this year, too. GOP hopefuls need to stay on message and demonstrate that they stand for real change. If the final days of this campaign are spent discussing Obamacare, record deficits, impending tax hikes, and big government, Republicans could well score a historic victory. If, instead, Republicans spend their time denying charges and allowing the media to bait them into exhaustive discussions of their backgrounds (while allowing Democratic incumbents and challengers to avoid scrutiny), 2010 could end up being a year of missed opportunities. If GOP candidates stick with the approach that has put them on the brink of success, they will enjoy a well deserved victory November 2.

Spencer Abraham, secretary of energy under President Bush, was elected to the U.S. Senate from Michigan in 1994.

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