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Inconsequential Iowa

Ignore the caucus results. They won’t matter.

Jan 2, 2012, Vol. 17, No. 16 • By FRED BARNES
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Paul is the perfect candidate for the caucuses. His prospects of winning the Republican nomination are poor. But he appeals to conservatives impressed by his libertarianism, his plan to cut $1 trillion in spending in his first year as president, and his desire to shutter the Federal Reserve. Paul has focused his campaign on Iowa at the expense of other states. And starting with his 2008 presidential bid, he’s built a devoted Iowa following, loaded with non-Republicans.

Republican leaders are increasingly worried about Paul. Should he win, “it would make the caucuses mostly irrelevant if not entirely irrelevant,” veteran Iowa Republican Becky Beach told Politico. Nothing new about that.

Fred Barnes is executive editor of The Weekly Standard.

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