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May 14, 2012, Vol. 17, No. 33 • By THE SCRAPBOOK
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When the campaign began, the Boston Globe saluted Warren for her “rise from poverty” as a child in Oklahoma City. Since then, as the truth has trickled out, the narrative has evolved. Goodbye poverty, hello to “the jagged edge of the middle class.” .  .  . By 1965, Elizabeth’s family had three cars, including a white MG that the hard-scrabble Native American drove daily to her tony high school. Still, the Globe insisted, the MG was “beat up.”

The deafening silence about Warren’s revelations from the progressive left speaks volumes. Conservatives have long pointed out that academia’s multicultural mania undermines real notions of equality and merit. For them the revelations about Warren only confirm what they already knew about ivory tower chicanery. If you truly believe racial preference policies are necessary to help struggling minority students and professors, wouldn’t a liberal, middle-class, white person exploiting these policies to get a leg-up at America’s most elite academic institution be the worst sort of betrayal? So far, though, Warren’s supporters are not disheartened. Elizabeth Warren still is a candidate for the Senate, and for the left, wielding power has always been more important than noticing the glaring flaws of their paladins.

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