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As Ohio Goes . . .

Souring on Obama.

Aug 2, 2010, Vol. 15, No. 43 • By STEPHEN F. HAYES
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Late last week, Obama gave an interview to NBC White House correspondent Chuck Todd. The midterm elections, Obama said, will represent “a choice between the policies that got us into this mess and my policies that got us out of this mess.”

Unemployment is at 9.5 percent. Deficits and spending are at record levels. Economic uncertainty is widespread. And voters are rejecting the argument that Obama’s policies “got us out of this mess.” 

Leo Rose, who lives in Holland, where Obama went house-to-house seeking votes during his visit to Lucas County back in 2008, is concerned. “I’m not happy with what he’s done so far,” Rose says. He doesn’t believe that the economy is recovering. 

And, more worrisome for the White House and Democrats, he says: “I’m not sure Obama has the wisdom to get us out of this.”

Stephen F. Hayes is a senior writer at The Weekly Standard.

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