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Playing the Verdun Card

Fearmongering in Brussels.

May 26, 2014, Vol. 19, No. 35 • By ANDREW STUTTAFORD
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This month’s vote will be followed by noisy, angry, and overwrought polemics, but not by dramatic transformation or the guns of August. That said, as the Barrosos and the Dauls push on—and they will—with the trudge towards ever closer European integration, doubtless claiming that the rise of “dangerous” Euroskepticism makes it even more imperative than before, they will be ignoring a nastily inconvenient truth from Europe’s past: Imposed multinational federations don’t end well.

Sarajevo learned that a century ago. And then it learned it again. 

Andrew Stuttaford works in the international financial markets and writes frequently about cultural and political issues.

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