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Read his lips: No new jobs.

Sep 12, 2011, Vol. 16, No. 48 • By FRED BARNES
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House majority leader Eric Cantor issued a list of 10 “job-destroying regulations” Republicans aim to rescind or block from being implemented. The president may not have checked the list, but last week he ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to withdraw its proposed “ozone rule.” Cantor said it is “possibly the most harmful of all the currently anticipated Obama administration regulations.” Sidelining it was tacit recognition of its negative impact on job creation.

When Cheney asked in 1989 about the number of nuclear warheads targeted on Kiev, it turned out there were dozens. “It was time to rationalize our nuclear targeting,” he writes. Now the issue is Obama’s concept of job creation. And it’s time to rationalize that too, replacing government schemes with incentives for private investment in economic growth.

Fred Barnes is executive editor at The Weekly Standard.

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