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Still Being Felt?

Not all past events have ramifications for today.

Apr 26, 2010, Vol. 15, No. 30 • By JOE QUEENAN
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The reverberations from Yoko Ono’s breaking up the Beatles can be felt to this very minute. No doubt about it. REM was never quite up to the job; neither was U2. Personally, I am more upset about the demise of the Beatles than I am about the extinguishing of the flickering flame of freedom in the Athenian cradle of democracy. That’s because democracy can be rekindled, but the Beatles can’t. 

Recently, I read an enthusiastic review of Edward Luttwak’s new book The Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire in the Wall Street Journal. Sure enough, this otherwise brilliant book includes this line:

The epic struggle to defend the empire for century after century .  .  .  seems to resonate especially in our own times.

Say that one more time, Ed, and I’m going to smack you.


Joe Queenan is the author, most recently, of Closing Time: A Memoir. 


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