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Unrequited Love

The unions went all in for Obama. What’s he done for them?

Mar 4, 2013, Vol. 18, No. 24 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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Taken together, these three developments paint a picture of how the political efforts of a professional class of union bosses have failed workers. They spent vast sums on federal electioneering, instead of shoring up local unions and exerting influence at the state level, where they were most vulnerable. And despite Democrats’ owing their victories to billions in union dues, union bosses failed to extract meaningful structural changes when Democrats controlled Congress or when the president needed support for his reelection bid. In the end, unions gave Barack Obama everything. Now all they’ve got to show for it is a second-term president who seems to feel he owes them nothing.

Mark Hemingway is a senior writer at The Weekly Standard.

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