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Vein of Irony

The world as the poet sees it, through a glass lightly.

Oct 14, 2013, Vol. 19, No. 06 • By JULIANNE DUDLEY
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The impact of these poems comes not from their descriptive quality but from their serious, ruminative undertones. Beneath the witty, often hilarious, surface runs a philosophical discourse on the quandaries of human existence: Why do we struggle? Why do we fall? How do we reconcile the enormous inconsistencies of human nature? 

Ultimately, George Green encourages us to enjoy these inconsistencies, the “unintended ironies” that make life interesting. While recognizing their full weight, he does not pretend to have any answers. Reading these poems is rather like having a late-night conversation with a good friend—laughs included.

Julianne Dudley is an assistant editor at The Weekly Standard