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Walker Wins Again

. . . and has some advice for Mitt Romney.

Jun 18, 2012, Vol. 17, No. 38 • By STEPHEN F. HAYES & JOHN MCCORMACK
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And now? “I can assure you that his stock as a fundraiser and speaker will skyrocket,” says Cameron Sutton, a top Iowa Republican fundraiser who was part of the group that tried to recruit New Jersey governor Chris Christie to run for president. “What we like the most about him is that when he took office he was unwilling to compromise with the liberals and trade unions, and he stuck with his conservative roots. This was key to his victory in 2010 and again in the recall.”

Walker says he’s eager to campaign for Mitt Romney but won’t be part of the Republican ticket. “My wife would kill me! I just had more than half the state vote for me​—​we made four million voter contacts. People put their lives on hold to help us win. I couldn’t walk away from them and from my responsibilities here.”

Stephen F. Hayes is a senior writer and John McCormack a staff writer at The Weekly Standard.

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