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Why Not the Best?

May 28, 2012, Vol. 17, No. 35 • By ​WILLIAM KRISTOL
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Even more fundamentally, as President Obama said at Barnard, “we know we are better off when women are treated fairly and equally in every aspect of American life.” True. And is it fair if the buffoonish Biden gets a second shot at being vice president of the United States while Hillary Clinton, after the “extraordinary job” she’s done, is retired to private life? The president said to the graduates, “after decades of slow, steady, extraordinary progress, you are now poised to make this the century where women shape not only their own destiny but the destiny of this nation and of this world.” Where better to start a century of women-shaping destiny than with Hillary Clinton as vice president?

President Obama’s Barnard speech looks like the beginning of an “evolution,” which will culminate with his dumping Joe Biden and elevating a woman who has worked hard and played by the rules—Hillary Clinton. 

Why not the best for President Obama and the Democratic party? And how much more will victory be worth having this November when it’s a victory over the liberal dream team of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?

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