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An Islamist President in Egypt?

The rise of Hazem Salah Abu Ismail.
Sep 12, 2011

With the former president of Egypt on his back in a courtroom cage pleading for his life, we may be starting to get a clearer idea of who Egyptians will choose to succeed Hosni Mubarak in the upcoming November elections. Friday, July 29, tens of thousands of Islamists filled Tahrir Square, repossessing it from the secular activists who are commonly credited with spearheading the revolution that toppled Mubarak in February. What the Islamists wanted was recognition for their past role and appreciation of their growing political power.

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Saudi Blues

11:06 AM, Jul 13, 2011

My wife sent me a link to this video. It's ironic: she, having spent a good chunk of her teenage years in Saudi Arabia, found it really funny; and I, who have never been and have no intention of going there, found it really sad. Of course, the "I want to get out, but can't" attitude rings true, but the situation in my native Egypt is hardly as difficult as it is for this Iranian rocker living in Saudi Arabia.


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