Anthony Trollope in ‘Vanity Fair’

Why Read Trollope?

Fearsome productivity and equally fearsome artistry.

Oct 26, 2015, Vol. 21, No. 07 • By ANN MARLOWE




An Afghan Tale

Reality and unreality at a Combat Outpost.

Jul 6, 2015, Vol. 20, No. 41

John hunting with hounds (14th century)

King John’s Verdict

The good, the bad, and Magna Carta.

May 18, 2015, Vol. 20, No. 34

From left: Tarek Alashtar, Idris al Magreibi, and Essa al Arabi

Libyans Plead for American Help

Midwifing democracy is not an Obama priority.

May 11, 2015, Vol. 20, No. 33

Richard House

A Baghdad Quartet

Translating the Iraq war into fiction

Feb 9, 2015, Vol. 20, No. 21


Brain Drain

A tale of old minds in new bodies, and the meaning of consciousness.

Jun 2, 2014, Vol. 19, No. 36

House of Hope

House of Hope

The quest to save the vulnerable of Florence.

Nov 11, 2013, Vol. 19, No. 09

Parisian Lap Dance

Parisian Lap Dance

Municipal swimming in the Gallic mode.

Aug 5, 2013, Vol. 18, No. 44

Kim Stanley Robinson

Future Imperfect

Science fiction as guide to the stages of life.

Jan 21, 2013, Vol. 18, No. 18

Zwara, Libya

Zwara, One Year Later

4:44 PM, Sep 7, 2012

Photo of Rep. Anthony Weiner

Sexual Overload

Sometimes promiscuity is just promiscuity.

May 28, 2012, Vol. 17, No. 35


Surprisingly Normal

Amid an economic boom, Sabratha comes into its own.

5:20 PM, Apr 3, 2012

Image from the Rules of Civility book cover

City Confidential

A debut novel probes the soul of New York.

Mar 5, 2012, Vol. 17, No. 24

Photo of an outdoor stone theater in Libya

Hello, Libya

Does the fall of Qaddafi mean the rise of tourism?

Jan 30, 2012, Vol. 17, No. 19

Photo of Khaled el Naggiar sitting on a beach

Pop Goes Libya

A little musical rebellion among the Amazigh.

Nov 28, 2011, Vol. 17, No. 11

Chalkboard with names written on them in Arabic

Life in Libya

So far: less poor, less nasty, and less brutish than under Qaddafi.

Nov 14, 2011, Vol. 17, No. 09


After Jihad

In Sabratha, a former prisoner reflects.

12:30 PM, Sep 19, 2011

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