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The Tale and the Teller

Claudia Anderson, born with a blue pencil in her hand

Mar 24, 2014, Vol. 19, No. 27 • By CLAUDIA ANDERSON


The Truth About Kuwait

A recent "60 Minutes" painted a dark picture of Kuwait. The real story is much more promising.

11:01 PM, Feb 11, 2002

The State of the Capitol

As President Bush returns to the Capitol tonight, he finds a city--and a nation--that is different than it was on September 10.

11:01 PM, Jan 28, 2002

On Evangelicals and Theocrats

The example of James Madison shows why liberals who continue to conflate the Taliban with religious conservatives are wrong.

11:01 PM, Jan 21, 2002

Al Qaeda's Trip to Paradise

Some of the terrorists who were taken prisoner in Afghanistan are being brought to Guantanamo Bay. There won't be any black-eyed virgins, but it's nicer than home.

11:01 PM, Jan 9, 2002

Democracy and Islam

A new report highlights the lack of freedom in the Islamic world.

11:01 PM, Dec 17, 2001

Judging Aussaresses

Two criminal cases, one in France and one in Belgium, show that an international criminal court by any other name is still foul.

11:01 PM, Dec 5, 2001

"You will see things--this is only the beginning."

Luton is a small British town brimming with Muslims. And a creepy, Islamic radicalism is in ascendance.

11:01 PM, Nov 27, 2001

Holy War 201

A midlevel course on radical Islam spotlighting Indonesia's Laskar Jihad. No midterm is given, but Sharia will be implemented for the final.

11:01 PM, Nov 12, 2001

Feeding Afghanistan

Even before the war on terrorism, the Afghan people were starving.

11:01 PM, Oct 29, 2001

The Iraq Report

Not everyone's eyes are on Afghanistan. A small crew of journalists are toiling away to keep us informed about Saddam's activities.

12:01 AM, Oct 17, 2001

Taliban No More

A liberal epithet dies.

12:00 AM, Oct 2, 2001

Tough Love

Marriage advice through the ages

May 21, 2001, Vol. 6, No. 34


Apr 16, 2001, Vol. 6, No. 30

Marriage 101

The pitfalls of teaching matrimony in the schools

Oct 16, 2000, Vol. 6, No. 05

Boy, Interrupted

A tale of sex, lies, and Dr. Money.

Jun 19, 2000, Vol. 5, No. 38

Jackasses Release Bray

The Detroit News editorial page loses its leader

May 15, 2000, Vol. 5, No. 33

Courting Trouble

Why Courtship Matters

Feb 14, 2000, Vol. 5, No. 21


Jan 3, 2000, Vol. 5, No. 16

Kids 'R' Us

Kay Hymowitz reports on America's failure to treat children as children

Oct 18, 1999, Vol. 5, No. 05


Jun 7, 1999, Vol. 4, No. 36


Claudia Anderson is managing editor of The Weekly Standard. Before the magazine was launched, she worked in daily journalism for 13 years--as chief editorial writer for Scripps Howard, editorial page editor of the Cincinnati Post, and editorial writer for the Buffalo Courier-Express. From 1975 to 1982 she edited books for the American Enterprise Institute. She has a master’s degree in medieval history from the University of California, Berkeley.

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