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Was Dropping the Atomic Bomb Necessary?

Considering the context.
3:00 PM, Aug 27, 2015

Many of my friends think Hiroshima was an unjustifiable atrocity.

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Save the Enterprise!

She deserves a better fate.
Aug 17, 2015

The beautiful planes that flew over the National Mall on the seventieth anniversary of V-E Day are rare not because few survived the war but because few survived the war’s aftermath. 

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Whitney’s New Digs

Alas, the very model of a modern major museum.
Jun 01, 2015

New York

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College Kicks Off 'Disinvitation Dinner' By Hosting Speaker Shunned by University

George F. Will is the this year's honoree.
1:31 PM, Apr 17, 2015

Now that the liberals who were once insurgent voices in the undergraduate student body are the presidents and deans of American universities, they’ve decided it is high time for those universities to reevaluate their outdated devotion to freedom of speech.  The proper modern university, they believe, is a serenity-zone where students can meditate on the evils of capitalism undisturbed – unless they accidentally wander into Texas Tech’s free-speech gazebo.

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Art in Isolation

How to drain the color from Matisse’s cut-outs
Nov 24, 2014

This new Matisse cut-outs show is odd, since you can see some of the greatest artworks of the 20th century and still leave feeling disappointed. Good curatorship, like good umpiring, is most obvious when it’s not there: John Elderfield helped set the bar impossibly high with the Museum of Modern Art’s 2011 Willem de Kooning retrospective, which remains, by a museum mile, the most extraordinary exhibition New York has seen in the last decade. But Elderfield has left MoMA, and we miss him. 

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Allah and Woman at Yale

Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaks.
Sep 29, 2014

New Haven, Conn.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali spoke at Yale last week, and there was mild annoyance in the press section that no screaming protesters appeared to punch up the headlines. A small group distributed leaflets to people waiting outside; inside, all was quiet.

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Dutch Masters

The greatest of whom is much in evidence here.
Dec 23, 2013

What may be the greatest painting in our hemisphere is on temporary loan from the Mauritshuis in The Hague. Girl with a Pearl Earring (ca. 1665) hasn’t been in the United States since 1996 and is unlikely ever to be here again. We owe this traveling show of Dutch masterpieces, centering on Johannes Vermeer’s best-loved work, to an ambitious Mauritshuis expansion project scheduled to be completed in mid-2014.

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Look and Learn

One collection plus three buildings equals the Yale Art Gallery.
Sep 02, 2013

New Haven 
The Yale University Art Gallery reopened last December after a 14-year renovation. I was pessimistic: Yale may be
drowning in money, but a curator with a good eye is hard to find, even when a museum feels like looking. Yale has a great collection, and the current director, Jock Reynolds, has a well-earned reputation for enhancing it. But a great collection in the wrong hands can still leave you with a terrible museum, the Whitney in Manhattan being a textbook case.

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Yes President

9:05 AM, Jan 16, 2012

Last Friday, President Obama asked Congress for the power to consolidate government agencies, saying he’d start by rolling Commerce and five lesser departments into a single business and trade department.

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Willem de Maestro

MoMA gives de Kooning his due.
Oct 31, 2011

New York

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Yale Cancels Program on Study of Anti-Semitism

1:02 PM, Jun 08, 2011

Yale University has now canceled the Yale Initiative for the Study of Antisemitism (YIISA), the only such program in the country. The New York Post reports that the reason for the program's termination was not lack of interest, but, likely, the program's insistence on covering all forms of anti-Semitism—Muslim anti-Semitism included.

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Terrorists Strike Israeli Family in Itamar

4:17 PM, Mar 15, 2011

Last Friday night, March 11, Palestinian terrorists broke into a home in the West Bank settlement of Itamar and stabbed to death everyone they found inside. The father, Udi Fogel, and his three-month-old daughter, Hadas, had their throats slit in bed. The mother, Ruth, was stabbed as she came out of the bathroom.

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Student Gun Laws — and Liberal Critics

5:11 PM, Mar 02, 2011

The Texas legislature is likely to approve a measure that would allow students with pistol permits to carry guns on college campus.  Although the proposed law would do nothing to change the requirements for getting a permit—one would still have to be over 21, have no criminal record, no record of mental illness, etc.—critics are outraged.

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