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Hillary Does as Kristol Says

9:41 AM, Apr 17, 2015 • By DANIEL HALPER



Ready for Coddling

Hillary does Iowa.

Apr 27, 2015, Vol. 20, No. 31

Hillary Maintains Consistency on Money from Lobbyists: She'll Take It

She's not flip-flopping on every issue.

4:14 PM, Apr 16, 2015

Hillary Parks in Handicap Spot

12:38 PM, Apr 16, 2015

Hillary Now Supports Driver's Licenses for Illegals

For now, anyway.

10:46 AM, Apr 16, 2015

De Blasio Shuns Hillary: 'This Is a Different Country We’re Living in Right Now'

'A candidate who has not been in the public eye in this sense for almost eight years'

5:45 PM, Apr 14, 2015

Hillary Doesn't Pump Her Own Gas

11:59 AM, Apr 13, 2015

Boxer: 'My Heart's Beating a Little Faster Today'

'She is going to relate to every day Americans'

12:21 PM, Apr 12, 2015

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