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Daniel Halper is online editor at The Weekly Standard and author of Clinton, Inc.: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine.

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Homeland: 'No Specific or Credible Threats' of Similar Attack in U.S.

09:42 PM, Nov 13, 2015
The Department of Homeland Security says there is no threat of a terrorist attack like the one in France happening immediately in America. "The Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are closely monitoring events in Paris and we are in contact with our... Read more

CNN: Is Hillary Telling the Truth About Trying to Join Marines?

08:05 AM, Nov 12, 2015
CNN's Jeff Zeleny reported this morning that there are questions whether Hillary Clinton actually tried to join the Marines. Clinton has made the claim since at least 1994, and recently repeated it this week in New Hampshire.  Hillary claims she tried to join the Marines in 1975. At... Read more

Trump Debuts at #5 on NYTimes Bestseller List

09:12 PM, Nov 11, 2015
Donald Trump's newly released book,  Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again , will debut next week as #5 on the New York Times bestseller list. Trump's book hit shelves November 3. Trump was beat in his first week by his Republican rival, Ben Carson, who along with his wife... Read more

Jeb Rips Off Romney Attack Line

10:26 PM, Nov 10, 2015
Jeb Bush appears to be drawing some inspiration from the 2012 Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Indeed, at tonight's debate Bush ripped off an attack line Romney deployed against Obama in 2012. Bush said, " Hillary Clinton has said that Barack Obama's policies get an 'A.' Really?... Read more

Dem Senator: 'We Don’t Have a Comprehensive Strategy' In Syria

08:28 AM, Nov 10, 2015
Democratic senator Tim Kaine admitted this morning on national TV that the U.S. has no strategy in Syria: "The problem is, we don't have a comprehensive strategy," said Senator Kaine. Kaine went on to blame Congress for the lack of strategy. "It's time to really have a strategy between... Read more

Marco Releases Video of Jeb Praising Him

08:11 AM, Nov 10, 2015
Reports indicate that Jeb Bush may ramp up his attacks on Marco Rubio in the coming days. So Rubio is responding by releasing a video of Bush praising him.  Watch here: A release from the Rubio campaign states: The Marco Rubio for President campaign today released a new online... Read more

Hillary: I Voted for Border Fence to Keep Out Illegal Immigrants

07:36 AM, Nov 10, 2015
At a campaign event last night, Hillary Clinton bragged about something she does not usually mention: her votes for a border fence to keep illegal immigrants out of America. Watch here: "Hi Secretary Clinton, I was wondering what you think about my securing the Mexican border with some... Read more

A Conversation With Thomas Donnelly and Gary Schmitt

10:49 AM, Nov 09, 2015
The latest episode of Conversations With Bill Kristol features Thomas Donnelly and Gary Schmitt: "In this conversation, Donnelly and Schmitt explain how the U.S. military has become dangerously underfunded and what we need to do to rebuild it. Donnelly and Schmitt also consider the... Read more

Bernie Knocks Hillary as 'Candidate of the Establishment'

08:35 AM, Nov 09, 2015
Bernie Sanders says the reason Hillary Clinton has so many endorsments is because she's the "candidate of the establishment." Asked the CNN reporter in an interview that aired this morning, "So Hillary Clinton has 31 endorsements from people in the Senate and you don't have. What does... Read more

O'Malley Hits Socialist Sanders

12:38 PM, Nov 07, 2015
Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley is not just going after Hillary Clinton. He's also turning his fire on Bernie Sanders, the self-described socialist.  O'Malley made the comments at a Democratic presidential primary forum last night in South Carolina: "Sanders was... Read more

NBCUniversal Executive Hosts Fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

03:42 PM, Nov 05, 2015
An NBCUniversal executive, Joe Waz, is hosting a fundraiser today for Hillary Clinton.  " Clinton has arrived at her first fundraiser of the day. NBCUniversal executive Joe Waz, and his wife Cynthia Telles, are hosting the event," Dan Merica of CNN reports on Twitter.  ... Read more

Trade Text Finally Released

08:15 AM, Nov 05, 2015
The Office of the United States Trade Representative has finally released the full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The 30 chapter document, plus preamble and annexes and side instruments, is available here . But instead of delivering the text of the trade agreement in one easy to... Read more

Bernie: Investigate Hillary's Damn Emails

07:09 AM, Nov 05, 2015
Bernie Sanders is no longer "sick and tired" of Hillary Clinton's "damn emails." At a Democratic presidential debate last month, Sanders famously said the he wanted to move on from one of the Hillary Clinton scandals that had been plaguing Clinton's campaign. But in an interview with... Read more

O'Malley Camp Likens Hillary to Jeb on Guns

03:44 PM, Nov 04, 2015
The Martin O'Malley campaign has released this video, hitting Hillary Clinton for flip-flopping on gun policy: "While Secretary Clinton is in the middle of yet another policy reset--this time on gun safety--she just can't escape her past, poll-tested positions," the O'Malley campaign... Read more

In Qatar Speech, Michelle Obama Complains About Growing Up as a Girl in America

08:18 AM, Nov 04, 2015
Michelle Obama went to Qatar to give a speech on girls education. There, the first lady of the United States complained about growing up as a girl in America. "[B]ack when I was a girl, even though I was bright and curious and I had plenty of opinions of my own, people were often more... Read more

'What Do Palestinians Want?'

02:42 PM, Nov 03, 2015
Daniel Polisar, writing for Mosaic : The most recent wave of Palestinian terror attacks, now entering its second month, has been mainly the work of “lone wolf” operators running over Israeli civilians, soldiers, and policemen with cars or stabbing them with knives. The perpetrators, many... Read more

Obama: Russia and China Not Worried Because Republicans Can't Even Handle CNBC

07:09 AM, Nov 03, 2015
President Obama inserted himself into the 2016 Republican presidential primary last night in New York City. Mocking Republicans' complaints about the third presidential debate, which was sponsored by CNBC, Obama said that if they can't handle the moderators, they won't be able to worry the... Read more

Former Rubio Chief of Staff Endorses Jeb

08:31 AM, Nov 02, 2015
A former top aide to Marco Rubio has come out in support of Jeb Bush, according to a report published at  floridapolitics.com . "When Jeb Bush campaigns through the Sunshine State on Monday he will be joined by a powerful Florida politician many will be surprised to see at his side.... Read more

Email: Hillary Forgot to Secure Sensitive Info

08:14 AM, Oct 31, 2015
On February 29, 2012, Hillary Clinton emailed an office manager in the office of the secretary at the State Department. The request was brief but urgent: "I forgot there is a white briefing book on my desk that needs to be stored overnight." Oops. Fortunately for Clinton, Claire L. Coleman,... Read more

Hillary Confronted on Whitewater, Benghazi, and Deleted Email Scandals

04:51 PM, Oct 29, 2015
Hillary Clinton was confronted by a voter who pressed her on the Whitewater, Benghazi, and deleted email scandals.  "You said earlier that you wanted to end corruption," said the voter. "But how can you do that after the Whitewater scandals, Benghazi, and deleted emails?" The crowd... Read more

O’Malley Slams Clinton’s Flip Flop On Guns, Cites 2008 Attacks On Obama

02:40 PM, Oct 29, 2015
Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley slammed his main rival, Hillary Clinton, for flip-flopping on guns.  Watch here: "I'm glad that Secretary Clinton has shifted position on this," said O'Malley. "I remember well as you do eight years ago when the mailers went out on... Read more

Charlie Rose Sticks Up for Hillary in Interview With Rubio

07:32 AM, Oct 29, 2015
Charlie Rose defended Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in an interview this morning with Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio. Rose seemed after Rubio said Clinton lied about the Benghazi terror attack.  Watch the exchange here: "You called Hillary Clinton... Read more

Clinton Dodges on Whether She Accused Bernie Sanders of Sexism

07:07 PM, Oct 28, 2015
Hillary Clinton dodged a question about whether she accused her Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders, of sexism in comments earlier this week. Watch here: The WMUR host asked, “But as far as the implication that Bernie Sanders is a sexist, you wouldn’t go that far?” “I said what I had to... Read more

Jeb: High Frustration, Low Energy

10:39 PM, Oct 28, 2015
In a post debate interview with CNN, Jeb Bush was obviously frustrated (though he denied it): Bush continued his attack on Marco Rubio he started during the debate. And repeated his call on Rubio to resign as senator. "I tried to interject as much as I could," a low-energy Bush told... Read more

Reince Attacks CNBC: 'Should Be Ashamed of How This Debate Was Handled'

09:44 PM, Oct 28, 2015
Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus lashed out at debate host CNBC for the way it moderated tonight's Republican debate. "While I was proud of our candidates and the way they handled tonight’s debate, the performance by the CNBC moderators was extremely disappointing and did a... Read more

Jill Biden 3X More Likely than Ben Carson to Be Called 'Doctor' by NYTimes

06:59 AM, Oct 28, 2015
Jill Biden, the wife of Vice President Joe Biden, is a doctor of education. Ben Carson, a Republican presidential candidate, is a medical doctor.  But in the New York Times , Biden is 3 times more likely to be called doctor than Carson. " Through last night, Nexis results show Ben... Read more

Mike Tyson Endorses Donald Trump: 'Let's Try Something New'

08:04 AM, Oct 28, 2015
Mike Tyson endorsed Donald Trump in an interview with Huffpost Live: "Yeah, hell yeah, big-time," Tyson said, when asked whether Trump has his vote. "Why wouldn't anybody like that? A guy that came from where he came from and doing what he's doing. And now this is where he's at now. Know... Read more

Hillary Supporters at Campaign Event Can't Name Accomplishments

07:34 AM, Oct 28, 2015
The Florida Republican party has released video of Hillary Clinton supporters being unable to name an accomplishment of the former first lady, senator, and secretary of state. To make matters worse, the supporters the Florida GOP interviews are at a Clinton campaign event. Watch here:... Read more

Paul Ryan Will Support Boehner's Final Budget Deal

07:11 AM, Oct 28, 2015
Paul Ryan, the leading Republican candidate to be the next speaker of the House, will support John Boehner's final budget deal.  "BREAKING - PAUL RYAN will SUPPORT the budget deal today," Jake Sherman reports on Twitter.   BREAKING - PAUL RYAN will SUPPORT the budget deal... Read more

Jewish Immigration Group Fights to Bring Syrian Refugees to America

07:08 AM, Oct 27, 2015
A top Jewish immigration group -- an organization "Founded  in 1881 originally to assist Jews fleeing pogroms in Russia and Eastern Europe" -- is fighting to bring Syrian refugees to America. The group is called HIAS, which once meant  Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. Mark Hetfield,... Read more