Emily Schrader Articles

The Ivy League Babbitt

The social and political prescience of Harvard’s humanist.
Jun 24, 2013

In university classrooms, and across campuses nationwide, we hear it repeatedly: Ever--increasing calls for “social justice.” But not everyone is on board:

Social justice, it is well to remind these “forward-looking” professors, means in practice class justice, class justice means class war, and class war, if we are to go by all the experience of the past and present, means hell.

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Illinois State Rep. Unleashes Tirade on House Floor

2:13 PM, May 30, 2012

Mike Bost, a Republican member of the Illinois general assembly from Murphysboro, unleashed an explosive tirade on the Democratic-led legislative body for repeatedly bringing pension reform bills to a vote before giving lawmakers a chance to read them.

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