Manhattan, July 29: Protester sign or executive order?

Immigration and Representation

When do aliens count?

Dec 22, 2014, Vol. 20, No. 15 • By GARY SCHMITT and REBECCA BURGESS



Too Few Good Men

Too Few Good Men

We could use more troops in Afghanistan.

Sep 27, 2010, Vol. 16, No. 02

The War on Terror (cont.)

The War on Terror (cont.)

The Obama administration extends Bush-era surveillance policies.

Aug 23, 2010, Vol. 15, No. 46

The American Military is Already Doing More with Less

The American Military is Already Doing More with Less

The country does need to get its fiscal house in order, but not on the backs of the military.

12:20 PM, Jul 23, 2010

The Big Squeeze

The Big Squeeze

The Obama administration’s defense budget portends strategic decline.

Jun 7, 2010, Vol. 15, No. 36

Right of Privacy

Right of Privacy

National security meets the culture of modern journalism.

May 31, 2010, Vol. 15, No. 35

Our Country’s Battles

Our Country’s Battles

We have today an aging and shrinking Air Force and Navy, an Army that is overstretched, reserve forces that are far too ‘active’ in their rate of deployment, and too few dollars to rebuild and modernize.

May 3, 2010, Vol. 15, No. 31

Clinton Bows to Russian Support of Iran

Clinton Bows to Russian Support of Iran

After condemning Israel the previous week.

11:22 AM, Mar 19, 2010

Safe at Home

Safe at Home

‘A small effort which paid big dividends’ in the war on terror.

Feb 22, 2010, Vol. 15, No. 22

The Obama Doctrine

How will we know it's for real?

11:00 PM, Dec 18, 2009

Obama in Oslo

Correcting the record.

11:00 PM, Dec 10, 2009

Kowtowing to China

A new report details how Beijing influences American academics.

11:00 PM, Nov 30, 2009

Catfights Inside U.S. Intelligence

The struggles can be petty but the stakes are high.

Dec 7, 2009, Vol. 15, No. 12

Rewarding Russian Aggression

Will France strike an arms deal with Russia?

11:00 PM, Nov 12, 2009

Thinking Big

Herman Kahn didn't shrink from the fundamental questions.

Sep 7, 2009, Vol. 14, No. 47

Peace, It's Wonderful

But winning it is hard work.

Aug 17, 2009, Vol. 14, No. 45

Revolt of the Congress

Robert Gates's defense cuts meet resistance on Capitol Hill.

Jul 20, 2009, Vol. 14, No. 41

Obama, Russia, and the Reset Button

The president's team pushes aside concerns about Russian revanchist policies.

12:00 AM, Jun 18, 2009

Don't Dumb Down Afghanistan

Lower expectations would lead to lesser results.

Feb 23, 2009, Vol. 14, No. 22

An "Intelligent" FBI

New procedures for domestic intelligence gathering.

5:10 PM, Oct 10, 2008

Punishing Russia

A how-to guide.

Sep 15, 2008, Vol. 14, No. 01

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