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Talking Guns in Chicago

2:22 PM, Oct 28, 2015

As Jordan Fabian of The Hill reports:

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The VA: Another Scandal?

12:57 PM, Oct 28, 2015

In its handling of health care for veterans, the VA’s ineptitude and corruption have been widely exposed and condemned.  Though, of late, Hillary Clinton has been saying that it wasn’t as bad as all that. In her view, the real problem is not long wait times covered up by falsified records which, in many cases, resulted in untreated conditions leading to … well, death.

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Clinton vs. Sanders: Skirmishing

10:44 AM, Oct 27, 2015

According to the conventional, Beltway wisdom, Bernie Sanders let Hillary Clinton off the hook when he declined to attack on the matter of her e-mails in the recent debate among Democratic contenders. Perhaps.  But one wonders how many friends that would have made him among his party’s core voters and true believers.

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VA: Not Getting Better

10:39 AM, Oct 21, 2015

CNN, which has been on the story of malfeasance and incompetence a

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The Claws Are Out

When government bureaucrats attack.
Oct 19, 2015

It has long been good sport to make fun of the government. Ronald Reagan did it with a fine, almost deft touch. “The nine most terrifying words in the English language,” he would tell an audience, “are I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

Just about everyone, at one time or another, has used the phrase “Good enough for government work,” and we all know what it means: that something conforms to the high customer service standards one enjoys when shopping for stamps in the post office.

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Socialist Sanders Speaks Out Against Privatizing Post Office

1:31 PM, Oct 16, 2015

Bernie Sanders has never met a corrupt, inefficient, obsolete government agency or initiative he didn’t like.  The only thing he finds objectionable is that they aren’t being given enough taxpayer money.  Earlier in the week, during the Las Vegas debate, he bragged on his efforts to get the Veterans Administration more money.

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Spying for the Magic Kingdom

10:15 AM, Oct 16, 2015

Hanna Kozlowska at Quartz writes that:

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Don’t Blame That American Dentist

8:28 AM, Oct 16, 2015

In Zimbabwe, forty elephants have been slaughtered.  Not by trophy hunters using elegant and expensive rifles.  The animals were poisoned with cyanide by poachers who were after the ivory. And, as Michael E.

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Calling Out Iran … And Then?

12:28 PM, Oct 14, 2015

U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Samantha Power was talking tough, yesterday.

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Sanders Stumbles in Vegas Debate

10:04 PM, Oct 13, 2015

Senator Sanders had been on a roll—until tonight. He had been playing a tent revival preacher in which he got himself, and his audiences of the faithful, worked up about the evil that has kept them in chains and from which he intends to free them before going on to use those same chains to whip up on the people who forged them.

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Will the Economists Who Liked Hillary Now Turn Against Her?

4:14 PM, Oct 13, 2015

Greg Mankiw, professor of economics at Harvard, has posed an interesting question on his blog.

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Bernie the Humorless

11:47 AM, Oct 12, 2015

Bernie Sanders has been noted, above all, for his consistency. He doesn’t change his mind.  Ever.  Except, maybe, a little bit on gun control.  And this inflexibility is considered a virtue among politicians.  Especially in this season, given his opposition. 

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Syrian Airspace Getting Crowded

2:18 PM, Oct 09, 2015

Russian warplanes have been conducting strike in Syria.  As have U.S. fighter-bombers.  And, lest we forget, France has been doing a little bombing there as well.

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Jeb Defends 'Redskins'

10:36 AM, Oct 09, 2015

So far in this campaign, Jeb Bush hasn’t said anything particularly memorable (if, that is, memory serves) but now he has come out with something pithy and quotable and certain to please one half the electorate and infuriate the other.

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Hit Some: Miss Some

1:49 PM, Oct 08, 2015

Barbara Starr of CNN is reporting:

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Sanders: What’s to Rehearse?

9:31 AM, Oct 08, 2015

Anticipating the big presidential debate on CNN, candidate Bernie Sanders is doing … well, not much of anything, to get ready.  Sanders, as Gabriel Debenedetti of Politico writes:

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The Russians Are Bombing …

10:45 AM, Oct 07, 2015

As Reuters is reporting:

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Going Easy on Iran

3:34 PM, Oct 06, 2015

Yeganeh Torbati of Reuters reports:

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Slowdown on Deportations

10:11 AM, Oct 06, 2015

The AP reports that:

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What You Have to Do to Get Fired in Washington

4:17 PM, Oct 05, 2015

Mismanaging a baseball team will do it.

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Report: Employee Satisfaction Plummets at Homeland Security

1:40 PM, Oct 05, 2015

How happy in their jobs are government workers?  Well, the sovereign answer to that question would be: “Who cares?”  They have steady work and, for most of them, it is all indoors with no heavy lifting.  And they practically have to commit a felony to get fired. 

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Regulate that Fantasy

Congressman shocked, shocked to find gambling going on out there.
Oct 05, 2015

Pick Eddie Lacy. That was the advice of at least one expert back in the summer. Not a single play of the regular NFL season had been run, but it was already a busy time for those who play fantasy football and the gurus who advise them. “Lacy’s mix of stability and upside over a full season” is unmatched, the expert wrote.

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Washington Hardball

1:29 PM, Oct 02, 2015

Secret Service agents are famously willing to take it – as in taking a bullet for the President or anyone else for whom they are providing security.  They are also, it seems, willing to dish it out.  Though not quite so lethally.  Just in the nasty, bureaucratic, secretive ways of Washington.

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Just How Bad Is the Jobs Report?

8:55 AM, Oct 02, 2015

Well, so bad that even the stock market didn’t like it and it usually welcomes news that restrains the Fed from raising interest rates. But this morning, the NYSE opened over 200 points in the red.

Here are some of the ugly details one finds when drilling down into the numbers.

* For the last three months, average job growth comes in at 167,000. Nearly 100,000 below the average for 2014. We are going in reverse.

* Average hourly wages were expected to rise by 0.2%. They remained flat at 0.0%.

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Follow the Money

10:29 AM, Oct 01, 2015

Impossible to imagine anyone predicting this six months ago, but as Matea Gold and John Wagner of the 

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What Accounts for Gallup’s Corruption Numbers?

11:16 AM, Sep 28, 2015

Recent polling by Gallup shows that

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Goodbye to the Shade Tree Mechanic

Cars are, like, so yesterday
Sep 28, 2015

Though I am an Apple user—phone and laptop—and happy with both, the tepid response to the latest Apple dog and pony show left me feeling a bit of schadenfreude. The digital revolution is pushing other technologies into the grave, and like a lot of people, I mourn that—in the way, probably, that an ardent lover of the old clipper ships resented the arrival of coal and steam. Something was being lost. Something beyond the mere ships.

From a recent Washington Post article, one learns that

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And They Played The Game

2:04 PM, Sep 11, 2015

After all the media coverage and the judicial back and forth, the New England Patriots returned to the field Thursday night and won a football game. Tom Brady, who had been banned for throwing softballs, then re-instated by a federal judge (we pay those guys for that?), threw four touchdowns. Final: Pats 28; Steelers 21.

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No Love For Obama

3:28 PM, Sep 09, 2015

Hillary Clinton, speaking at the Brookings Institution Wednesday morning, took some hard jabs at the Obama admini

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Jail Is on Hillary's Mind

9:29 AM, Sep 08, 2015

In a Labor Day speech, Hillary Clinton promised that, when she is president:

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