Henry Sokolski Articles

National Security and Crony Nuclear Capitalism

10:30 AM, Jan 31, 2012

Patriotism, it’s said, is the last refuge of a scoundrel. A worthy example now making its way into the national spotlight is the United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC), which is making strained national security arguments on Capitol Hill to pave the way for a $2 billion federal bailout. If USEC had a sound product or argument, this subsidy might be defensible. USEC has neither.

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Reactors and Bombs

How North Korea and Iran can militarize ‘civilian’ nuclear plants.
Jan 30, 2012

At first blush, our government’s approach to head off Iranian nuclear weapons with tighter sanctions and military threats seems totally at odds with its continued effort to negotiate a disarmament deal with Pyongyang. Yet, in one key respect, both of these approaches and a broad swath of bipartisan expertise are quite unified—namely, they support these countries’ continued construction and operation of light water power reactors (LWR) for generating electricity, viewing these reactors as benign. This is not only mistaken but dangerous, and not just in the case of North Korea and Iran.

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Europe’s Anti-Nuclear Power Outburst

An energy policy test.
9:39 AM, Jun 30, 2011

In Western Europe, Fukushima’s power reactor disaster has produced a loud round of anti-nuclear power reactions. Germany says it will phase out atomic power by 2022, and the Swiss insist they will shutter their reactor fleet by 2034.

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