Chasing Horses

From the December 22, 2000 Wall Street Journal: Riding the Dakota prairie on Christmas Eve.

11:00 PM, Dec 21, 2003 • By J. BOTTUM



GOP Malpractice in South Dakota?

With a good candidate in a pro-Bush state, Republicans still may blow it.

Sep 23, 2002, Vol. 8, No. 02

U.N. Stands for Unconscionable

Bush was right to cut off funding for the U.N. Fund for Population Activities.

Aug 5, 2002, Vol. 7, No. 45

Stopping the Future

Francis Fukuyama defends humanity.

Apr 29, 2002, Vol. 7, No. 32

Opinion Journalism at the Post

The Washington Post confuses an editorial with a news story, and takes a shot at the president's new Bioethics Council.

11:01 PM, Jan 17, 2002

The Ghost of Christmas Past

From the December 24, 2001 issue: Charles Dickens's triumph.

Dec 24, 2001, Vol. 7, No. 15

Animal Planet

What's worse than cloning? Human-animal hybrids. And they're coming to a lab near you.

11:01 PM, Dec 5, 2001

Happy Thanksgiving?

It's hard to appreciate the beauty of family squabbles until they've disappeared.

11:01 PM, Nov 21, 2001

September 2001

Doing with words what little words can do.

11:01 PM, Nov 19, 2001

An American Classic

Like the dove returning to Noah with an olive branch, David Cassidy, the Duchess of York, George Jones, and Mr. October go to Macy's.

11:00 AM, Nov 6, 2001

Seriousness at Stanford

On the West coast, artifacts of the protest era wash ashore.

12:01 AM, Oct 16, 2001


The first Susan Sontag Awards are given out. Picture the Oscars, but with dumber winners.

12:01 AM, Oct 3, 2001

AWOL Christian Soldiers?

These days, America's religious leaders are far from bellicose.

Oct 1, 2001, Vol. 7, No. 03

Funeral for a Friend

J. Bottum, mourner

Jul 23, 2001, Vol. 6, No. 42

Funeral for a Friend

J. Bottum, mourner

Jul 23, 2001, Vol. 6, No. 42

Life with Milly

Morton Kondracke's love story

Jul 16, 2001, Vol. 6, No. 41

The Dying Novel

After three good novels, Philip Roth reverts to his old sex-obsessions.

Jul 2, 2001, Vol. 6, No. 40

For a Total Ban on Human Cloning

Jul 2, 2001, Vol. 6, No. 40

Against Human Cloning

May 7, 2001, Vol. 6, No. 32

The Pig-Man Cometh

That's one small step for biotechnology, one giant leap into the abyss for mankind

Oct 23, 2000, Vol. 6, No. 06

Faith Talk

12:00 AM, Sep 11, 2000

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