J. Harvie Wilkinson III Articles

In Dubious Battle

The Great War, of modern memory, at 100
Jun 30, 2014

Back then, it was not known as World War I, for the obvious reason that the Second World War still lay in the future. It was simply the Great War, for the world had never seen anything like it.

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Servant of the Law

The experience, and good sense, of Robert Bork.
Mar 04, 2013

The death of Robert Bork this past December brought forth tributes to a man bearing no resemblance to the grotesque caricatures that emerged during the long debate over his 1987 nomination to the Supreme Court. Widely noted were his unswerving loyalty to friends and principles, his seminal intellect, his acerbic but not unkind humor and wit, and his lifelong sense of service and duty to his country.

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Clash of Titans

A game of hardball among the Founders.
Nov 26, 2012


Many Americans may know the name of Aaron Burr, though not much more. But in 1807, the prosecution of Burr was a very big deal. Imagine: a former vice president of the United States on trial for treason! 

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