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Mighty Mississippi

9:55 AM, Oct 13, 2014

Half of this college football regular season (7 of 14 weeks) is now in the books, and neither of the two standout teams to date has won a conference championship, let alone a national championship, in the past half-century.  Each played in a bowl game in Tennessee last year (the Music City Bowl and Liberty Bowl, respectively), far away from the bright lights of Pasadena, New Orleans, or Dallas.  What’s more, the two are separated from each other by only 100 miles geographically and by only .001 in this week’s Anderson & Hester Rankings.  Despite their modest pedigrees and expectations, however, few college football fans would deny that #1 Mississippi (6-0, with wins over #7 Alabama and #17 Texas A&M) and #2 Mississippi State (6-0, with wins over #6 Auburn and #17 Texas A&M) have accomplished more so far this season than any other teams in the country.

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Walmart, an Obamacare Supporter, Drops Coverage for Another 30,000 Employees

9:07 AM, Oct 09, 2014

In 2009, Walmart, the left-wing think tank Center for American Progress, and the Service Employees International Union, wrote a pro-Obamacare letter touting “the promise of reduced health care cost increases” that would come from “health care reform.”  Walmart and friends wrote

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In Battlegrounds States, Incomes Have Dropped on Incumbents’ Watch

7:48 AM, Oct 08, 2014

If James Carville is still remotely right that “It’s the economy, stupid,” then it’s no wonder that it has been tough sledding for Senate incumbents this fall.  Members of the Senate class that’s up for reelection this year were, of course, elected (or reelected) in November 2008 and began their current 6-year terms in January 2009.  Using tallies from 2009 as the baseline, therefore, inflation-adjusted median household incomes have actually fallen on these senators’ watch in 11 of the 12 battleground states they represent.  That’s a hard thing to explain to voters, especially if your party has been in the majority throughout that time.

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Arizona Is #1

8:27 AM, Oct 07, 2014

After finishing the season ranked #29 last year, the Arizona Wildcats — hot off their upset win at Oregon — have claimed the top spot in the inaugural 2014 Anderson & Hester Rankings.  The second and fourth spots are held by two schools from Mississippi — #2 Mississippi and #4 Mississippi State — that went a combined 15-11 last year.  Sandwiched in between are the Auburn Tigers, who came within 14 seconds of winning last season’s national championship.  TCU, which went 4-8 last year, rounds out the top-5.

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60 Percent of Voters Want Obamacare to Be Repealed

6:02 AM, Oct 01, 2014

A new poll finds that three-fifths of likely voters support the repeal of Obamacare.  A large plurality — 44 percent — wants to see Obamacare repealed and replaced with a conservative alternative. A much smaller group —16 percent — wants to see it repealed but not replaced. Less than one in three respondents — 32 percent — would like to keep Obamacare, whether in its current form or in amended form.  So, with a conservative alternative in play, 60 percent of Americans support repeal, while only 32 percent oppose it.

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Voter Intensity Strongly Against Obamacare

8:55 AM, Sep 20, 2014

A new poll from Public Opinion Strategies, commissioned by Independent Women’s Voice, finds that people who care about the issue of Obamacare really don’t like Obamacare.  On the flip side, people who like Obamacare really don’t care about it very much.  That’s a bad combination for pro-Obamacare candidates.

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Poll: Voters Back Representatives Who Support Stopping Obamacare’s Insurer Bailout

12:08 PM, Sep 18, 2014

A new poll finds that 58 percent of likely voters are “more likely” to support members of Congress who vote to stop Obamacare’s taxpayer bailout of insurance companies.  Half of that 58 percent (29 percent) are “much” more likely to do so.  Meanwhile, only 15 percent of likely voters are “less likely” to support such members, with only 6 percent being “much” less likely to support them.  In other words, almost four times as many voters would reward members of Congress for voting to stop the bailout as would punish them for doing so.

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Don’t Take a Knee, GOP

Sep 15, 2014

Confident about the upcoming election, and afraid they’d fumble a handoff, House Republicans have apparently decided to take a knee until voters cast their ballots. But this timid run-out-the-clock mentality has the potential to hurt the party in both the short term and the long run.

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Repeal Obamacare, Don’t ‘Reform’ It

7:05 AM, Sep 02, 2014

Slowly but surely, the anti-repeal wing of the Republican party is starting to reassert itself.  The latest effort comes from Lanhee Chen, who was the top policy advisor on the Mitt Romney campaign.  As readers will likely recall, that campaign refused to advance an alternative to Obamacare, failed to emphasize the horror that is Obamacare, and went 0-9 in the nine most important swing states.  Hot off of that success, Chen now has some advice for the rest of us.

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Insurance Executive Complains: Attacking Obamacare ‘Bailout’ Is ‘Unfair’

6:41 AM, Aug 29, 2014

The Palm Beach Post reports that Florida Blue CEO Pat Geraghty is characterizing as “unfair” Marco Rubio’s argument that American taxpayers should not be forced to provide a bailout for health insurance companies that lose money under Obamacare.  It’s not entirely clear whether Geraghty thinks it’s “unfair” to oppose the bailout, to call it that, or both.  Regardless, Obamacare is poised to force taxpayers to help cover health insurers’ losses — and it’s harder to imagine a clearer example of a bailout, or of cronyism, than that.

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Do Americans Dislike Obamacare More Than Obama Likes Golf?

2:31 PM, Aug 26, 2014

During President Obama’s second term, about the only thing more common than seeing him out on the golf course has been seeing polls highlighting the striking unpopularity of his signature legislation.  Obama has golfed a reported 79 times so far in his sec

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Emails Show Cozy Government-Insurer Alliance, Expectation of Bailout

7:06 AM, Jul 29, 2014

Publicly, President Obama loves to demonize insurance companies.  But behind the scenes, Big Government and Big Insurance maintain a cozy alliance that the Obama administration actively nourishes, often at taxpayer expense.  Indeed, as emails recently obtained by the House Oversight Committee show, Big Government and Big Insurance have worked together to promote Obamacare.  They’ve also worked together to make sure taxpayers will help bail out insurance companies who lose money selling insurance under Obamacare — that is, unless Republicans stop this from happening.  Moreover, Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett is among the prominent White House officials who’ve been in the middle of this collaboration between insurers and the administration — between those driven by the profit motive and those driven by the power motive.

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Key Obamacare Architect Said Subsidies Couldn’t Flow through Federal Exchanges

6:01 AM, Jul 28, 2014

The New York Times has described M.I.T. economist Jonathan Gruber as “a card-carrying Democrat” whose “position as an adviser to the influential Congressional Budget Office also left him perfectly positioned to advise the White House on health reform.”  Moreover, the Times writes, “After Mr. Gruber helped the administration put together the basic principles of the [Obamacare] proposal, the White House lent him to Capitol Hill to help Congressional staff members draft the specifics of the legislation.”  Now it turns out that, as the Competitive Enterprise Institute has unearthed, Gruber told audiences as far back as early 2012 that Obamacare’s taxpayer-funded subsidies couldn’t flow through federally established exchanges, but only through state-established ones.  More recently, Gruber has been singing a different tune, as legal challenges on that aspect of the law have proceeded. 

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A No-Brainer for the House GOP

Jul 28, 2014

This fall, voters will get another chance to register their opinion on Obamacare. President Obama’s signature legislation is causing health costs to spike, federal spending to soar, doctors to leave their profession, millions of Americans to lose their health plans, and millions more to be coerced into buying overpriced insurance against their will.

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Obamacare Misses Its Target on the Uninsured by Half

9:05 AM, Jul 15, 2014

In March 2010, Obamacare was about to be voted upon by the House of Representatives, and the Democrats were in the process of deciding whether to ignore public opinion at their peril.  At that time, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected that Obamacare would cost $938 billion over a decade and would reduce the number of uninsured people by 19 million as of 2014 (with a reduction of 1 million prior to 2014 and 18 million in 2014 alone).  Unimpressed, the American people overwhelmingly opposed the intrusive overhaul — with 20 of 21 polls taken that month showing it to be unpopular, most of them by double digits. The Democrats willfully passed Obamacare anyway and lost 63 House seats that November.

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The Obama Doctrine

6:01 AM, Jul 02, 2014

In the past week alone, President Obama has twice been rebuked by the Supreme Court for having run afoul of the Constitution (a 9-0 decision) or federal law (5-4).  Unchastened, he brazenly picked the very day that the second decision was announced to reassert the Obama Doctrine — namely, that if Congress refuses to pass a political loser that Obama is

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A Defeat for Obama, Obamacare, and the All-Intrusive State

1:14 PM, Jul 01, 2014

Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled that the Obama administration has violated federal law in its implementation of Obamacare. Specifically, it has violated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), a law passed (almost unanimously) twenty years ago by a Democratic House and Senate and signed into law by Democratic President Bill Clinton. Adam White provides a nice overview and analysis of the ruling. I just wanted to highlight a few aspects of it.

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Cronyism and Coercion

Jun 30, 2014

After the upset of House majority leader Eric Cantor at the hands of GOP primary voters, many congressional Republicans may be looking for ways to show they are listening to their constituents. One way they can do so is to take renewed aim at Obamacare.

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Obama: 'We’re not…Italy'

4:31 PM, Jun 27, 2014

President Obama felt the need to weigh in on the U.S. national soccer team, declaring, “We’re a middle-of-the-pack team. We’re not Germany yet.

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Insurers Expect a Nearly $1 Billion Bailout under Obamacare

6:04 AM, Jun 27, 2014

Most Americans don’t think it’s their job to bail out insurance companies who lose money under Obamacare, but that’s exactly what’s poised to happen. Obamacare’s risk-corridor program — which President Obama has been using as a slush fund to placate his insurance allies and keep them quiet about his lawlessness — shifts financial risk from insurers to taxpayers. According to the House Oversight Committee, health insurers expect Obamacare’s risk corridors to net them nearly $1 billion, at taxpayer expense, this year alone.

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The Flimsy Justification for Obama’s Usurping of Legislative Power

3:51 PM, Jun 13, 2014

If there is any realm of policy that the American Founders were most firmly committed to having be decided by the most representative branch — the Congress — it was presumably the realm of taxation.  Those who wrote the Constitution were not content even to let the Senate initiate tax policy.  Instead, Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution specifies, “All Bills for raising R

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Hitting the Political Sweet Spot on an Obamacare Alternative

1:50 PM, Jun 05, 2014

Over at Forbes, Peter Ferrara has written an interesting assessment of the state of the debate among conservatives on how to advance an alternative to Obamacare that will lead to its repeal.  His analysis gets many things right.  Most especially, he is right that it will not be possible to move away from Obamacare without a viable plan to replace it — and not just any replacement plan will do the trick.  A politically viable alternative must substantially increase insurance coverage versus the pre-Obamacare status quo while also providing real solutions for persons with expensive pre-existing health conditions — doing so, of course, without the heavy-handed mandates and regulations of Obamacare.  Plans that fall short of these objectives will be successfully attacked as inadequate.  Most Americans rightly believe that a return to the pre-Obamacare status quo would not be satisfactory because health care in the United States desperately needs real reform.  What they don’t want is the massive government takeover of American medicine that Obamacare represents.

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Obamacare Enrollment Was Driven by Coercion

7:14 AM, Jun 04, 2014

Before President Obama took office, the federal government left Americans free to buy only those products or services they chose to buy. Under Obamacare, however, that has changed. For the first time in our nation’s 200-plus-year history, the federal government now compels private American citizens to buy a product or service of the government’s choosing — namely, Obamacare-compliant health insurance — merely as a condition of living in the United States. The question is, did this unprecedented level of coercion fuel enrollment in the Obamacare exchanges?  Recent polling suggests that it did.

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The Road to Repeal

May 26, 2014

It's a question often asked these days in conservative circles: Do you really think Obamacare can be repealed? Usually uttered behind closed doors, the question reveals both an un-Reagan-like pessimism and something of a disconnect from political reality.

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Sasse Says His Opposition to Obamacare ‘Will Make Nebraska Proud’

10:18 AM, May 12, 2014

In advance of tomorrow’s Nebraska Republican Senate primary — one of the most hotly contested in the nation — Ben Sasse’s final two television ads note his opposition to Obamacare. The first begins, “Conservatives are rallying in Nebraska against Obamacare and for Ben Sasse,” and it features Sarah Palin speaking in support of Sasse, as well as footage of Ted Cruz, another prominent Obamacare opponent and Sasse supporter. (Paul Ryan, Mike Lee, Rick Santorum, and Tom Coburn have also endorsed Sasse.)

Here’s the ad:

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The Slush Fund

How Obamacare pays off insurers.
May 12, 2014

When the government provides medical care, it normally delegates the task. Under Medicare, Washington doesn’t employ doctors, nurses, and hospitals to treat the elderly. It has to coax them to participate. Similarly, Obamacare functions only if big insurance companies are willing to play ball with big government. Those driven by the profit motive must be won over by those driven by the power motive.

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Economists Deny Endorsing Nebraska’s Shane Osborn

4:04 PM, May 07, 2014

Nebraska Senate candidate Shane Osborn seems to have made a habit of, one might say, overreaching during this campaign.

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More Lawlessness on Obamacare

6:05 AM, May 07, 2014

It is becoming increasingly apparent that President Obama’s notion of governance is that federal laws should be passed to cover as much of human life as possible, and that he should then decide which of those laws to enforce, when, and against whom.

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Nebraska’s Dark-Horse Candidate and the Cornhusker Kickback

9:31 AM, May 04, 2014

Nebraska’s Republican Senate primary has long looked to be shaping up as a battle between Midland University president Ben Sasse and former state treasurer Shane Osborn.  Throughout the campaign, Sasse has emphasized his determination to repeal Obamacare and fight the “Obamacare worldview,” while Osborn has emphasized his (controversial) military service and the fact that he’s not Sasse.  But as the Cornhusker State primary enters its stretch run (the primary is on May 13), a dark-horse candidate is making a move on the inside rail.

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Obamacare the #1 Thing Americans Would Undo

7:01 AM, Apr 29, 2014

Recent polling conducted by McLaughlin & Associates for the 2017 Project asked Americans, “If you could undo one thing that President Obama has done as president, what would it be?” The choices that the poll provided were “ove

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