Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz, the Anti-Obama

4:45 PM, Mar 24, 2015 • By JEFFREY H. ANDERSON


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The Road to Repeal

May 26, 2014, Vol. 19, No. 35


More Lawlessness on Obamacare

7:05 AM, May 7, 2014

Gary Locke

The Slush Fund

How Obamacare pays off insurers.

May 12, 2014, Vol. 19, No. 33


The Debate Will Be Over When the American People Say It’s Over

Repeal, now more than ever!

8:40 AM, Apr 18, 2014

weekly standard illustration; elephant, bigstockphoto

What’s the Alternative?

Apr 14, 2014, Vol. 19, No. 29


No Insurance Is Better than Unapproved Insurance Under Obamacare

Obamacare penalizes the ‘wrong’ insurance 18 times more than no insurance.

7:10 AM, Mar 26, 2014

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