The Fire This Time

The curious evolution of America's free-speech movement.

11:00 PM, Feb 23, 2006 • By JOEL ENGEL



Bill Clinton, Historian?

The former president pronounces history's verdict on Vietnam.

11:00 PM, Jan 18, 2006

They Left Him No Choice

Trying to reconcile Democrats on 9/11 and Iraq.

6:20 AM, Nov 17, 2005

Take Back the Word

Liberalism isn't what it used to be.

12:00 AM, Apr 12, 2005

From Me to Jews

Why, despite everything, Jewish-Americans keep voting for Democrats.

12:00 AM, Oct 26, 2004

Bench Warrantless

The left likes to compare George W. Bush to Hitler and Mussolini, but is there a lesson to be learned from Il Duce's rise?

12:00 AM, Jun 28, 2004

"This Is No Ordinary Time"

Eleanor Roosevelt's words from the 1940 Democratic convention echo loudly today.

11:00 PM, Mar 7, 2004

Imagining "Imagine"

On the anniversary of John Lennon's death, it's worth taking a look at the gibberish in his beloved anthem.

11:00 PM, Dec 7, 2003

Reagan, CBS, and "The Twilight Zone"

The Reagan movie debacle is nothing compared to what Rod Serling had to go through.

6:20 AM, Nov 4, 2003

Some More Questions from the Back of the Class

Pondering the cycle of violence and other modern wonders.

12:00 AM, Sep 5, 2003

No, WE'RE the Greatest Generation

A Baby Boomer speaks out in defense of his people.

12:00 AM, Jul 9, 2003

Movie of the Week

When you're watching the news do you ever get the feeling that you've seen it all before?

7:00 AM, Jun 11, 2003

Too Smart To Be So Dumb

The moral tyranny of IQ.

12:00 AM, May 27, 2003

For Whom; the Spam Tolls

A meditation on the beautiful agony of spam.

12:00 AM, May 12, 2003

Just Wondering . . .

Some questions from the back of the class.

12:00 AM, May 1, 2003

Everything Old Is French Again

The confessions of a former Francophile.

7:00 AM, Apr 18, 2003

Denial Is a River in Iraq

A look at some of the bad news we've been fed so far.

10:30 AM, Apr 4, 2003

An Ordinary Citizen Calls a Press Conference . . .

Some thoughts on Iraq from a non-celebrity.

11:00 PM, Mar 17, 2003

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