Kelly Jane Torrance

Kelly Jane Torrance is assistant managing editor at The Weekly Standard. She is also film critic of The Washington Examiner. Her work has also been published in, among other venues, the Los Angeles Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, San Diego Union-Tribune, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, New York Sun, and New Criterion. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy from the University of British Columbia.

Stories by Kelly Jane Torrance

Arts in the Afternoon: From Old to New

07:00 PM, Mar 25, 2011
Organized religion will all but disappear from nine countries , mathematicians predict -- even in traditionally Catholic Ireland. From Kander & Ebb to Kander & Pierce? John Kander, the co-creator of Chicago  and Cabaret , takes on his first partner since the death of Fred Ebb... Read more

Arts in the Afternoon: Right and Wrong

06:40 PM, Mar 24, 2011
"When Right Is Wrong" -- a piece about Broadway actors who feel their politics hurts their careers . "Being a conservative in this industry is equal to being a leper to some people," one says. Egypt has finally released a list of antiquities looted in the recent unrest -- a month and a half... Read more

A Not-So-Red Dawn

06:56 PM, Mar 23, 2011
Michael Warren has a piece in the Life section of today's Washington Times . He details how the 1980s hit film Red Dawn  is being remade -- and how the remake is being remade. The movie as filmed has China as our enemy. But producers are now scrubbing all references to the Communist... Read more

Arts in the Afternoon: Beauty is Fleeting

05:10 PM, Mar 23, 2011
Elizabeth Taylor, 1932-2011. Let's remember Taylor in her glorious youth, with her one Time cover , from August 22, 1949. The accompanying story discusses the business of art and the aging of the sex symbol -- prescient in this case. If you haven't been following the case:  a primer... Read more

Arts in the Afternoon: The Job Market

04:33 PM, Mar 22, 2011
Historian and poet Robert Conquest discusses five books on communism. Steven Soderbergh has announced he'll retire after his next two films. Jonathan Jones notes that serious artists rarely quit -- except, of course, for the greatest writer of all time. From musician to critic and back... Read more

Arts in the Afternoon: Politics and Theater

06:01 PM, Mar 21, 2011
" Escapism is overrated ," Lisa Kennedy declares. Instead, we should seek out films that engage us in the real world around us -- such as the powerful French film Of Gods and Men , which just opened in DC . The politics of theater and the theater of politics  share many similarities ,... Read more

Arts in the Afternoon: Friday! Fun Fun Fun Fun!

08:30 PM, Mar 18, 2011
Big retailers are out to make you pay more taxes. Walmart, Target, and others are working to force to collect sales taxes. "Germany's complicated history is written in the street names of its capital." Critic James Wood on Berlin . The new film Limitless  proves the... Read more

Arts in the Afternoon: Facebook Fight

06:59 PM, Mar 17, 2011
The Detroit Symphony Orchestra musicians and management take their labor dispute to Facebook. German defense minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg resigns, not over a sex scandal, but a plagiarism scandal. The politician, who was widely seen as a likely successor to Angela Merkel, tries to... Read more

Arts in the Afternoon: The Net's Good & Bad

06:40 PM, Mar 16, 2011
A new study by the National Endowment for the Arts finds that the omnivore is an endangered species . These people -- who attend a wide variety of cultural events and attend them often -- are becoming an ever-smaller proportion of the population. Report author Mark J. Stern is optimistic about... Read more

Arts in the Afternoon: Talking Up Tyrants

07:10 PM, Mar 15, 2011
"The Intellectual as Courtier": Paul Rahe looks at the history of thinkers seduced by tyrants -- including those who have defended the autocratic Qaddafi. Robert McCrum blames Americans for asking the authorship question . He then asks the professionals -- actors and directors -- what kind... Read more

Arts in the Afternoon: Happy Birthday, Einstein

04:57 PM, Mar 14, 2011
Al Qaeda launches its own  Cosmo for the jihadist set, which offers advice on "marrying a mujahideen" and keeping your face looking young (by wearing a niqab, of course). Publishers Weekly has published its early review of the late, lamented David Foster Wallace's unfinished... Read more

At the Movies this Weekend: Battle: Los Angeles and Red Riding Hood

11:27 PM, Mar 11, 2011
The Weekly Standard's own Kelly Jane Torrance reviews two new films for The Washington Examiner . First, up is the Sci-Fi war flick, Battle: Los Angeles : It's getting more and more difficult to make war movies. The Vietnam War has been reimagined countless times; so have the battles... Read more

Arts in the Afternoon: Critics Still Love Franzen

06:48 PM, Mar 11, 2011
Jennifer Egan beats Jonathan Franzen to win the National Book Critics Circle Award for fiction. The Los Angeles Times still leads its story with a picture of the over-hyped Franzen. 3D: It's not just for blockbusters anymore. Pulitizer Prize-winning novelist Michael Chabon and his... Read more

Arts in the Afternoon: D.C.'s Social Network

07:33 PM, Mar 10, 2011
Steinway enters the Smithsonian--not the piano, but the family behind it, with  a diary that’s a New York treasure trove . “He wanted to get away from the unions and the anarchists.” Troubles with Broadway’s Spider-Man  reach a crescendo : Its visionary director Julie Taymor has... Read more

Trouble in the House of Dior

03:03 PM, Mar 02, 2011
Paris's twice-annual Fashion Week began yesterday, but no one in the City of Light is talking about the clothes. Dior designer John Galliano was first suspended, then sacked, from the couture house as allegations he has, more than once, engaged in anti-Semitic rants in a Paris bar have come to... Read more

PayPal Denies Service to Bradley Manning's Supporters

10:00 PM, Feb 24, 2011
The Bradley Manning Support Network announced today that PayPal has closed the account of a group, Courage to Resist, that the network is working with to raise funds for the U.S. Army soldier alleged to have delivered classified cables and other secret government documents to... Read more

Qaddafi Controls the Internet?

09:46 PM, Feb 23, 2011
Jerry Brito, director of the technology policy program at the Mercatus Center, notes that the unrest in Libya could have an effect on the rest of the world, too -- at least that part of it that participates in social networking. Writing at , Brito notes that Twitter's default URL... Read more

The Game Is Afoot

01:29 PM, Feb 18, 2011
I watched Wednesday night's episode of Jeopardy! with someone who's a three-day winner and Tournament of Champions player -- not to mention a staffer here at THE WEEKLY STANDARD. A few of us switched it on in the office not to watch Jeopardy! legend Ken Jennings, though he was a player that... Read more

Is Justin Bieber a Conservative?

01:18 PM, Feb 17, 2011
The tween fans of Justin Bieber might want most to know if the 16-year-old Canadian singing sensation is really -- and disappointingly -- dating an older woman, 18-year-old Disney star Selena Gomez. But Rolling Stone digs deep , as writer Vanessa Grigoriadis tries to discover what political... Read more

Biting the Hand

01:30 PM, Jan 25, 2011
In its coverage of Hu Jintao's visit to Washington, the New York Times managed to find room for five sentences about the music played at the state dinner held at the White House in the Chinese president's honor. Lang Lang, one of the best known classical musicians in this country or, as... Read more