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Will Obama Account for a Mourdock Victory in Indiana?

12:40 PM, Oct 01, 2012

Three-term Indiana Democrat Rep. Joe Donnelly voted for Obamacare. He voted for Obama’s waste-filled $787 billion stimulus package. He is a down-the-line supporter of card check, the measure that would allow union organizers to bypass secret ballot elections.

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The Bell Tolls for Lugar

Add Indiana’s senior senator to the list of ­endangered incumbents.
Mar 05, 2012

After a lifetime of political good fortune in Indiana, Senator Richard Lugar can’t catch a break. He is facing what Politico calls his “toughest reelection campaign in decades,” and with the May 8 GOP primary looming, he desperately needs to repair relations with party conservatives.

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Arkansas Political Reporter Picks Cotton

9:34 AM, Oct 14, 2011

More good news for Republican Tom Cotton in his race for the open 4th Congressional District seat in Arkansas. 

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Political Grit

Meet Tom Cotton, from Yell County, Arkansas, near Dardanelle.
Aug 08, 2011


Why did Arkansas Democrat Mike Ross suddenly announce last week he is not running for reelection for the Fourth Congressional District seat he has held with ease for six terms?

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Lugar’s New Foes

From Nixon’s favorite mayor to Obama’s favorite Republican.
Feb 28, 2011

Back when he was running for president, Barack Obama cited his relationship with Senator Richard Lugar so often that Lugar came to be known in the political press as “Obama’s favorite Republican.” Photos of Lugar even appeared in campaign ads that helped Obama (narrowly) carry Indiana.

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