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Lee Smith is a senior editor at The Weekly Standard. A senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, Smith is the also author of The Strong Horse: Power, Politics, and the Clash of Arab Civilizations (Doubleday 2010).

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Iraq After America: Strongmen, Sectarians, Resistance

04:50 PM, Jan 09, 2015
U.S. Army Col. Joel Rayburn, a senior research fellow at the National Defense University, is a historian who served as an adviser to Gen. David Petraeus in Iraq. He is also author of Iraq After America: Strongmen, Sectarians, Resistance (Hoover Institution Press), a thorough account of... Read more

Suspect in Magazine Massacre Was Arrested in 2005 for Wanting to Kill American Troops

04:47 PM, Jan 07, 2015
French authorities have reportedly indentified the three suspects in today’s massacre at the Charlie Hebdo offices—Hamyd Mourad, whose nationality has not yet been identified, and two French nationals, Said Kouachi and his younger brother Cherif Kouachi. The French appear to have been well... Read more

Don't Cry (Too Much) for The New Republic

05:20 PM, Dec 10, 2014
If Chris Hughes knew anything about journalism, he’d throw a big party in New York and another in Washington and the media wags now heaping abuse on him would be hailing him as the last of the Medicis. But the 31-year-old owner and editor in chief of the New Republic doesn’t know a damn thing... Read more

America in Retreat: The New Isolationism and the Coming World Disorder

12:10 PM, Dec 08, 2014
Bret Stephens is the Wall Street Journal ’s Pulitzer Prize winning foreign affairs columnist. He is also author of a new book, America in Retreat: The New Isolationism and the Coming World Disorder , detailing the Obama administration’s foreign policy blunders. Recently I spoke with... Read more

Here's How the World Turned Against Israel

05:10 PM, Dec 02, 2014
Joshua Muravchik is a fellow at the Foreign Policy Institute of the Johns Hopkins University School for Advanced International Studies and a contributor to this magazine. He is also author of 11 books, including the recently published Making David into Goliath: How the World Turned... Read more

A Bad Deal Gets Worse

12:00 AM, Dec 01, 2014
As we go to press, the White House has reportedly offered Iran a deal regarding its nuclear program, a framework agreement with details to be worked out in the coming months. However, even as the interim agreement is set to expire November 24, it seems the Iranians have not responded to the... Read more

Mark Strand, 1934-2014

08:01 PM, Nov 29, 2014
Mark Strand died today at the age of 80. The Montreal-born writer, who served as U.S. Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress from 1990-1991, was also a brilliant translator. When I was a junior editor at Ecco Press in the late 80s, Strand used to visit the editor in... Read more

How the Obama Administration Has Already Caved to Iran

08:40 AM, Nov 24, 2014
The deadline for the Joint Plan of Action ended it seems without a final agreement between the P5+1 and Iran over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. It’s not yet clear what happens next. “There will be some kind of extension,” says Mark Dubowitz, executive director at the Foundation for... Read more

Caving to Iran

12:00 AM, Nov 24, 2014
It's not clear when (or whether) the Obama White House will conclude a final agreement with Iran over its nuclear program. The extended deadline for the interim deal known as the Joint Plan of Action is set to expire November 24. And the president very much wants a deal that would cement his... Read more

Podcast: Attack Could Be Step Toward Another Intifada

03:00 PM, Nov 18, 2014
THE WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with Lee Smith on the Jerusalem Synagogue attack. This podcast can be downloaded here . Subscribe to THE WEEKLY STANDARD's iTunes podcast feed here . ADVERTISEMENT: This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation for Constitutional Government . Be... Read more

Americans Deserve a Say in National Security

05:16 PM, Nov 14, 2014
Yesterday Senate Republicans, led by Lindsey Graham and Bob Corker , tried to force a vote on the Iran Nuclear Negotiations Act of 2014, which would re-impose sanctions on Iran waived during the negotiating process if the P5+1 fail to sign a deal by the November 24 deadline.... Read more

Understanding the P5+1 Nuclear Negotiations With Iran

09:28 AM, Nov 13, 2014
State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki’s sparring with reporters the last week suggests that the White House is either confused, or intentionally confusing the public, about the importance of the IAEA’s current round of inspections of Iranian nuclear facilities. Journalists, and critics,... Read more

Another Country

12:00 AM, Nov 10, 2014
Last winter, my father gave me an American flag he had been keeping in his closet. It had been moved there several decades before from his mother’s closet, where it had rested for more than 30 years. It seems I was the first person to unfold the 48-star-spangled banner since it had covered the... Read more

Royals and Giants Have Their ‘Game-Changers’ Ready to Go For Game Seven

06:38 PM, Oct 29, 2014
Gregg Ritchie, head coach at George Washington University, says that the Royals have more of their game-changers going into tonight’s game than the Giants do. With pitching, as my former GW teammate explains, the two clubs are basically even. Royals’ starter Jeremy Guthrie and his Giants... Read more

How the Royals Built a Winner in Kansas City This Year—With Speed

04:34 PM, Oct 29, 2014
The fact that the Royals and the Giants have pushed the World Series to a game seven is evidence the two clubs are very evenly matched. Even tonight’s probable starters, Tim Hudson for the Giants and Jeremy Guthrie for the Royals, are similar style pitchers. Top velocity for both is around 90-92... Read more

Don’t Look at the Ball—If You Really Want to Understand Baseball

06:23 PM, Oct 28, 2014
Last week Gregg Ritchie, head baseball coach at George Washington University, was talking about what happens when a baseball team strikes out more than seven times in a game. The more you whiff the less chance you have of winning, explained Ritchie. Sunday night’s game showed just how... Read more

This World Series Is Pre-Steroid Baseball

03:15 PM, Oct 24, 2014
Now with the Royals tying the World Series Wednesday night 1-1, things are really getting hot: Two San Francisco radio stations have  removed  the song “Royals” from their play lists. The smash hit from the seventeen-year-old Kiwi songbird Lorde was inspired by a 1976 ... Read more

Is Turkey an Ally?

02:35 PM, Oct 22, 2014
During his visit to Washington this week, Israeli defense minister Moshe Ya'alon has spent part of his time criticizing Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority, warning about the dangers of a bad nuclear deal with Iran—and highlighting the problems with Turkey. As Haaretz reports... Read more

Forget The Three-Run Homer—Just Strike Out Less

11:10 AM, Oct 21, 2014
With the World Series opening tonight in Kansas City, the Giants are no doubt feeling their oats. They’re coming off of a three-homerun performance in their game five win over the St. Louis Cardinals, which landed them their third World Series appearance in five years. However, the Giants... Read more

October Baseball Notebook: The War for Ninety Feet

01:40 PM, Oct 17, 2014
Don’t be surprised if the Giants-Royals World Series is decided by 90 feet. After all, baseball is a series of contests for 90 feet—the distance from home to first, first to second, second to third, and third to home again. The two teams are bidding for the same property for nine innings, both... Read more

October Baseball Notebook

03:14 PM, Oct 16, 2014
The Kansas City Royals are hot. With   eight straight wins   in the postseason, the Royals have the air of a team of destiny. The reality of course is much less magical. The Kansas City club moved on to the World Series for the first time in 29 years not because of divine... Read more

Appeasing Iran

12:00 AM, Oct 13, 2014
Last week Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu went to the U.N. General Assembly and the White House to warn against letting Iran become a nuclear threshold state. He may be too late. With the Obama administration walking back its longstanding demand that Iran dismantle its centrifuges, the... Read more

Did Israel Sabotage Iran's Illicit Nuclear Facilities at Parchin?

11:10 AM, Oct 10, 2014
Experts continue to debate whether the explosion at an Iranian military base at Parchin earlier in the week was an act of sabotage. The New York Times  notes that  the satellite images of the incident showed evidence “reminiscent of pictures of a missile-development site 30... Read more

Satellite Images Show Damage to Iran Military Compound

02:20 PM, Oct 09, 2014
Satellite photographs released yesterday show that the explosion Monday at an Iranian military base at Parchin, where the clerical regime is believed to be working on its nuclear weapons program, did significant damage. The images obtained by Israeli media outlet Israel Defense and “... Read more

If Intel Wrong About ISIS, Is it Also Wrong About Iran?

12:42 PM, Sep 29, 2014
There is likely much gnashing of teeth in the intelligence community today in the wake of Obama’s interview with 60 Minutes last night. He laid the blame for the rise of the Islamic State at the feet of the intelligence community. “Our head of the intelligence community, Jim Clapper, has... Read more

Biden's New National Security Adviser Removed Jerusalem from Dem Platform

11:01 AM, Sep 28, 2014
On Friday Colin Kahl was named  Vice President Joe Biden’s national security adviser and deputy assistant to the president. Kahl  previously served in the Obama administration as deputy assistant secretary of defense for the Middle East between 2009-2011, but is probably best... Read more

New Biden National Security Advisor OK With Iranian Nukes

02:31 PM, Sep 26, 2014
Colin Kahl has just been named Vice President Joseph Biden's national security adviser. Kahl  previously  served in the Obama administration at the Department of Defense, and left in December 2011 when he moved to the Center for New American Security. Among other duties at CNAS,... Read more

Assad Reported to Have Used Chemical Weapons Again

12:10 PM, Sep 25, 2014
In the wake of President Obama’s speech yesterday at the U.N. General Assembly, there were reports of another chemical weapons attack near Damascus launched by Bashar al-Assad’s regime. If true, Assad is just drawing the logical conclusion from the president’s speech and the administration’s... Read more

Podcast: Obama's 'No Strategy' Old News In Middle East

04:19 PM, Aug 28, 2014
The WEEKLY STANDARD podcast with senior editor Lee Smith on the President's speech on his non-existent ISIS policy in the Middle East. This podcast can be downloaded here . Subscribe to THE WEEKLY STANDARD's iTunes podcast feed here .  Read more

IS Threatens Another U.S. Journalist

06:27 PM, Aug 19, 2014
The Islamic State’s official media arm, Furqan Media, has just released a video showing the beheading of American photojournalist James Wright Foley. The terrorist organization claims that the murder of an American citizen who went missing in Syria in 2012 comes as a warning to the White House... Read more